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Local SEO - should you get backlinks from low authority websites?

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Personal training business website

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This was for a new site for a Super Food distributor in the UK

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We're using the latest framework for Joomla and Wordpress CMS sites; Gantry 5. Very flexible, easy to use and makes for great designs...

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Web design based in Croydon 

We are based in Croydon, London and create web designs for startup companies, e-commerce, and small to medium organisations. Why go to different companies for different services when you can get them all under one roof? Simplify communication and billing - We provide a comprehensive service including Hosting, Domains, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

Web Design Croydon: Whatever your needs, whether it is for e-commerce, business, organisation, personal or family, or just to share information online, RIPPLENET can give you professional web designing at an affordable price in South London. And we will back it up with fast, fuss-free and friendly support, so you need never worry about not having everything working as you want. Once you're up and running, we can also help you to develop your website design as you expand, and we can help you with your search engine marketing.

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Why Google+ is good for your company


You can control who sees your content by dividing up your followers into groups called Circles. This is different from Facebook and Twitter and allows you to finely control how your content is seen, providing tailored content and a unique online experience for your clients. In this way you can offer new products, specific services and relevant updates to them.

Read more by clicking on the link below

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The Lesser Known Benefit to Good SEO

When it comes to SEO we often only think about keyword optimization to increase traffic and the findability of content through search engines and within websites themselves. All of which are of course essential to creating good business and consumer relations. However there is another benefit to good SEO and one that is not often thought of, which is simply put that it makes your website greener. 

How does this work? By making relevant content for consumers easier to find, you can reduce the amount of time spent searching which in turn decreases the amount of electricity being spent.

To read more about this and how to go about improving keyword optimisation, click on the article below written by +Sarah Best-Wilson from +Mightybytes, Inc. 

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If you can use Microsoft Word or a similar editor, then you can learn to edit and manage your own website content.

With our Joomla Training course, you can create pages, edit text and images, and place them on the website. Why pay for a developer when you or one of your staff can do the same job!

Click the link below for more info.

How can Facebook help your Business?

Often the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word ‘Facebook’, is millions of people with nothing better to do than share what they had for breakfast that morning. What possible use can that be for my business or any business for that matter? 

To find out click on the link below.

Thinking about getting a website?

4 Important Points to Think About Before Getting a Website

Sometimes I find that when a customer approaches me about building them a website, they don't always know why they want one or what they really need one for. We often don't take the time to think about ‘why’ and rather just panic over the idea that we ‘should’. So here are a few points for you to think about before even approaching a web design company or attempting building a website yourself.

To read more click on the link below.
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