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W-O-W, it's almost there to hold in your hands!
BTP Magazine first issue content.
This is what you might expect. You can order 1 or more copies from
or subscribe to get an offer for this and any subsequent issue as well here:
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congratulations dear friend +Rinus Bakker Have a wonderful day hugs Inka
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Hmmmm, good point. :)
After our social media efforts, our e-book, our e-magazine, our real-life exhibitions, our printed coffee table book, our printed magazine what will be nex?. And you, where are you, on the train are still watching it passing by?
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amazing post... beautiful dear +Rinus Bakker Have a nice day hugs!
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Still enjoying subtropical days and nights in September, very unusual.
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Amazing shot with beautiful gradation in the sky!😌✨
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Sweet memories to be shared with my friends!

Proud member of World Best Top Photographer Association
#WBTPA   #Italy   #Liguria   #Flowerriviera   #ArtPrintPro   #RinusBakker  
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Bueatiful picture,thank you.
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After some changes to our TOS the JOIN button is added back to .
We are looking for some more great photographers to share in the fun.
New members are rewarded with a copy of our large coffee table photo book for free
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Found today. What a beauty!
#WBTPA   #fungus   #BTP  
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This photo is wonderful and deserves to be promoted on our website! Please take a few moments to add it to your BTP Photo Gallery (if you haven’t done so already). This will streamline its promotion on Google Plus, and it may be featured in the Top-Photo-Gallery or on the prestigious Front Page of the website! Just go to the BestTopPhotographer website and click on the Submit images to your gallery link (located at the top right of the page). Thanks in advance for your submission!  
(Logan Hubbard)
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The perfect time to order
For next Monday a new shipment of books is being prepared, should you want or need copies, this is a great moment to order. You can order directly from For multiple copies, which is considerably cheaper you can contact me at
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Nice collection in the books
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This is really value for money and moreover your order is a support to our photographers. :-)
BTP Magazine publication of results "most creative image challenge"

I thank each and every one wholeheartedly for participating.

This was possibly a greater challenge to the jury than to the participants. One can be creative in so many ways, that we ended up to compare incomparable images, each great in it's own way.
But finally we made up our minds, and this are the images being published.

It was a fantastic experience, since I got to know about so many really great photographers of which several already have become a member and have already one or more images in the BTP Magazine.

This is the best photo magazine in the world, do you know why?
Because we are superb and decide for our self's. We don't need to sell our pages for commercials, but stuff them with your amazing images.
I haven't seen such a glossy ever before in my entire life, not even something close to it.

You can order your copies from our front page at 12,50 Euro per copy and 12,50 Euro shipment up to 4 copies max.

Alternatively you may subscribe. When you subscribe you will get subsequent copies also for the preorder price 12,50 in stead of 14,90.

We send an invoice for each subsequent copy, so you don't need to pay a lot in advance.

When we have made it to 4 copies, and you are still hanging on, a beautiful box will be available to store and cherish our first 4 issues.

Enjoy and have fun!
The management
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Awesome work
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Today in the stadsmuseum in Harderwijk.
+Peter Riezebos a man with a story and a mission. At the right pane you see how he paints the windows, at the left he invites us to his exhibition inside where you see how perfect harmony arises from total chaos. If you enlarge the image you'll see how layered and complex reality is. I think that's what his art is about, but that's just what I make of it, I wonder what he would say to that.
A visit to the city of Harderwijk in the Netherlands is wholeheartedly recommended.
Just google "Peter Riezebos" or stadsmuseum-harderwijk to find out more
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So beautiful! I like the bright colors and different textures!!
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Sweet memories to be shared with my friends!

Proud member of World Best Top Photographer Association
#WBTPA #Italy #Liguria #Flowerriviera #ArtPrintPro #RinusBakker 
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awesome capture, beautiful dear +Rinus Bakker Have a wonderful Sunday, Happy new wee hugs !
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One of the results from my experimental creative abstract photography.
Have a nice weekend my friends!
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amazing work, beautiful color...
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A remarkable collection as always composed by +Marina Versaci  .
In this collection there are the 31 images chosen in August 2016 among the many breathtaking pictures posted by our photographers members of BTP ♥
Congratulations go to:

Dominik Moser +Dominik Moser
Evi Verstraeten +Evi Verstraeten
George Fletcher +George Fletcher
Ed Cobb +Ed Cobb
Dag Ole Nordhaug +Dag Ole Nordhaug
Margaret Tompkins +Margaret Tompkins
Igor Schevchenco +Igor Schevchenko
Travis Rhoads +Travis Rhoads
Barbara Manciulli +Barbara Manciulli
Ludwig Riml +Ludwig Riml
Rob Tilley +Rob Tilley
Dominique Dubied +Dominique Dubied
John Hunt +John Hunt
Alex James +Alex James
Dmitry Jurkov +Dmitry Jurkov
Werner Polwein +Werner Polwein
Logan Hubbard +logan hubbard
Kamil Dolny +Kamil Dolny
Hans-Juergen Werner +Hans-Juergen Werner
Dominique Dubied +Dominique Dubied
Benedikt Meier +Benedikt Meier
Jesse Martineau +Jesse Martineau
Stefan Kierek +Stefan Kierek
Aamir Shahzad +Aamir Shahzad
Luc Thibau +Luc Thibau
Rick Schwartz +Rick Schwartz
Lucio Dettori +lucio dettori
Girolamo Cracchiolo +Girolamo Cracchiolo
Evi Verstraeten +Evi Verstraeten
Dominique Dubied +Dominique Dubied
Tommaso di Donato +Tommaso Di Donato

Marina Versaci
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Gentleman au chapeau m'incline ..Merci Rinus Bakker 
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