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Rin Kelly
This has to be the new wave of social media!
This has to be the new wave of social media!

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Looking for some adventure around the world! Contact me if you would like to book a trip. This is an amazing way to see the world. 

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Despite the negative news:  Get uplifted... Be the best you can be! Life is too short, skies are the limit! 

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This is awesome! 

So yesterday I got an email from the American Red Cross to financially help with the humanitarian efforts in Napa after the 6.00 earthquake. I would love to fly there and bring a straw and a glass. That would be the best way for me to give back to this effort. Wow, I am such a good person! 

Dear Diary: What happens if your pointer finger does not like your middle finger or if a tree in the woods does not like to be close to another tree? Well, I guess they just have to deal with it! 

Dear diary; one day I will creat something so cool that I will be able to post it on Pinterest. Yet for now I'll stick to google +, Facebook, and twitter. :) 

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This is funny! 

Men and women, I have something important to say, Men, if you want a loving lady treat her as such. Women, if you want a great husband, treat him as such. If you want a good relationship, respect the other person and love them for their strengths and weaknesses. Just remember, we are all human and we just want to be loved and accepted for being who we are, stop the battle. If the fragments of your relationship cannot be mended, it's ok, just back away and end the relationship. Why be miserable in life? And couples, stop the nagging! Have fun and have fun together. Thanks! From: Rin Kelly 
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