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Riley Porter (ril3y)
Husband, Father, Maker, Hacker....
Husband, Father, Maker, Hacker....

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My kid's and I made this pen holder / widget holder for their mom +Sarah Porter for Mother's Day! +Cameron Porter came up with all of the descriptive words for his mom for the word cloud! Thanks son.

Used #tinyg to #CNC the 1" oak then used the #lasercutter to etch the word cloud on the front.

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These are my bees. Hello world. The kids love it! They want to check on them right when they get home. This is day 4 so they are still adjusting.

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I made some #pi  yesterday on the new V2 #handibot  that +ShopBot Tools, Inc created.  A very very cool tool!  What's under the hood you ask?  BOOM! #TinyG G2 Core code is powering all the motion planning! It has a Intel Edison that is running their new opensource UI called #fabmo.  You can read about it here.

It is a little different than chilipeppr but once I got the hang of how the "jobs" were organized it was really easy to use.  

I was really suprised on how well the tile jig works.  The bot only has a 6"x8" work space.  But shopbot sells (or you can just make one on the machine) a registration jig with notches every 6" that you just slide the machine over and send the next file.  You of course have to set your gcode to tile its output in 6x6 sizes.  This is done in vcarve or aspire super easily.
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Hey guys.  I have the new v2 HandiBot and wanted to share some of my first cuts.  Its a great little machine.
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If you always wondered what set TinyG apart from other motion control +Rob Giseburt did some amazing work on the animations to explain things.  
TinyG and G2 Core use 7th-order jerk-controlled motion planning in real-time. Other motion control systems (both open-source and most proprietary) use constant acceleration motion planning for real-time applications. This page explains what those terms mean, and the differences and benefits of controlled-jerk motion planning. [Click the image to read more.]

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So machines. Computers. Etc... They are awesome. However check out this machine for the 1700s. I can't imagine what the creator of this machine could to today with modern compilers, 3d printers, lasers etc! Its a good watch.

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Ahh yes.. I wake up to 2ft of snow. Here is a video of me using the snow blower and my #xaomi yi camera. This new snow blower cut right through it. Check out the video. Also look at very start when it hits the snow. I slowed it down to 10% speed and you can see its rotation coming out where the impeller spun the snow in. Its crazy. You only would have seen it slowed down.

Its now 4:50pm on the 23rd and I have to go do it again as its about 1/2 what it was this morning. Oh and it looks like I messed up the dates in the video :) Oh well.

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Recently I got my first MS computer in about a decade. Its the MS surface pro 4. It's honestly a nice computer. I use it with my HackRF and wanted to duplicate my Macbook enclosure for the MS Surface. So here is my 3d printed enclosure.

Thought I would share :)

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As many of you know I am a FPV drone pilot (flyer?). I live in the Washington DC metro area 20+ miles from the White House. Recently the FAA decided to say that no drones (or kites or rockets or model airplanes or basically anything that files) could be flown in a 30 mile radius from DC.

I have 2 acres and I fly on my property mostly. The federal govt. (FAA) just made it illegal to fly my remote control "drone" on my property. This is nuts! So in the spirit of my forefathers I decided to do a little bit of civil disobedience. Ahh yah! I made a T-shirt on my freedom device (aka my wife has a Cricut|Explorer) and this is what I came up with.

I was in Washington DC this last weekend #shmoocon at the Washington Hilton and low and behold what did I find?? The perfect place to show off my 'T-O-Freedom'. The "man" him / herself was at the same hotel.

Now I wish at this point I could say I found their meeting and walked in and was like.. <braveheart action> FREEDOM </braveheart action> but no... Did you even look at that sign? WTF does it mean? What is Floor B C D? The arrows you say? They point to a hall way with 1 room that was locked and the door said something like utility. I even asked for directions to the room / meeting / floor and no one knew what it meant.

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Shmoocon is here, and that means a dozen or so security companies have bought a booth and are out to promote themselves. Some are giving out shot glasses. One is giving out quadcopters. It is exceedingly difficult to stand out in the crowd. At least one…
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