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I put together an album of projects i've been working on since we got our awesome laser cutter at Twin Cities Maker - the Hack Factory.  The laser is by far my favorite toy in the shop.
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Very cool - I keep thinking I want one, but it's still hard to justify the cost (for me).
I wish my local Maker space had a laser cutter. They look like a lot of fun! And you can make "real" things with it...
I'm teetering on the point of giving in and splurging on one!
We really enjoyed your project and shared it in our weekly ""Community Corner"" post at Adafruit! http://adafru.it/b101092 
Please consider joining us sometime for our weekly Adafruit Show and Tell whenever you have a new project to share! http://adafru.it/dfD
Wow, Kelly, I'm thrilled you guys shared this on adafruit, major bragging
rights for me!
I'm going to take you up on the weekly show and tell invite, and I'll post
future projects as they come up. Perfect timing, as the next on is huuuuge!
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