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Was just switching characters and this popped into my screen. Queens Rank 1???

Does this confirm the Queens return in RoI?

Current reputation for the Queen is called Queens Wrath so it's not that.

Any ideas?
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+Eddie Heredia​ I get what you're saying as I've had it flash up Queens Wrath before, but that was way back before House of Wolves launched.

That said, you are missing the obvious here. There is NO faction in the game currently which is called Queen Rank!
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Riki Ballantyne

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Anyone know how to fix the black screen of death on PS4? Update applied, loaded up, hoping to see IF the bugs were fixed. But nada. All I get is a black screen and cannot get round it. The music is playing in the background but no game menu, nothing to select. 

Can this mess of a game get any worse?
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Had the same problem . Reset ps4 and net router. Now it works . 
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+Lee carter​ this is the article I was referring to.
A lot of people are complaining online about cheating in The Division lately, especially on PC. So much so that it's starting to hit mainstream media. But how bad are these hacks, and more importantly, can they be fixed? I don't own a copy of The Division so I watched a few videos and ...
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I had this discussion with a friend in game a few days ago,though I'm not as network intelligent as the poster. This all makes scary sense. The very well could be using a trusted network client model and that explains how people are tricking the server with these DPS and wall breach exploits. Ubi should have known better and this is their fault. It looks like PC is screwed for a fix unless they rewrite the code, which more than likely isn't worth it at this point. Wow man
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I'm not at all surprised by this. My friends list is devoid of The Division players now.

In fact, I've not played it since the update screwed up my login screen. Have 4 characters, it's a crap shoot to see which one you can login with?!? Yeah, that's not cool Massive.

I'm awaiting the next update to see if that fixes things (bugs/glitches/hacks). If not I'm putting this down as a relatively expensive mistake. One that'll be getting deleted from the HDD.

What I can say without any doubt is this, I have lost any remaining faith in the gaming industry.

The gaming industry should take note of a few simple facts here. Myself, like so many others, were guaranteed day 1 purchasers of AAA games. However, it's got to the stage where I'm no longer a day 1 buyer of ANY game.

Caveat here, Uncharted 4 will be my last ever pre-ordered game (and I've thought about cancelling that so many times) and IF that launches with fk ups? Well, come on Naughty Dog. There has to be at least one decent dev left? Right?

The gaming industry is in a sorry state of affairs. It's totally consumed by greed. But, and this is the idiocy of their methods, it's a self defeating prophecy. This business model of "rush to release then fix (or not in most cases) later" is going to stop people buying ANY game until they know it works. And if no one buys the games........
Ubisoft's MMO shooter The Division is suffering from a online user crisis, with a worrying 81 percent drop in PC players since the game launched in March.
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+Lee carter unfortunately, most of those hacks are transferable to console also. A lag switch, for example, isn't necessarily just an on/off button to disrupt network connections. They can do so much more like input code hacks, wallhacks, etc. Wallhacks are just about the worst in any online fps because anyone using it knows exactly where every player is positioned, NO MATTER where you are hiding....... They are almost impossible to detect as well.

I read an interesting article by ex Sony programmer Glenn Fiedler who wrote a blog post suggesting that the issues lay in the coding. I'll dig around and see if I can find it, as it gives a good understanding of how fps actually really work in terms of server side networking.
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So Xur arrived (he's at the hangar door near the Speaker btw). I bought Lucky Raspberry for 13SC (saved me using 125 Legendary Marks to get it from the kiosk) and then I just threw my entire remaining 200+ Strange Coins at Xur and he gave me a bucket load of 3 of Coins......

Wasn't planning on it tbh. WAS planning on getting heavy ammo synth to rank up to 25 the remaining 2 factions on Titan (NM) and Warlock (FWC) for the full set of faction exotics. But then I thought, if I have made nearly 240 SC in less than a week, the grind for those exotics can wait.

I normally time it so that I do the crucible parts of the exotic faction bounty during Iron Banner. But, unless I've misread the info Bungie put out, with the rewards for Iron Banner looking to be next to useless for anyone over 320, I'm thinking I might give it a miss, or just participate for the fun of it. We'll see what Tuesday brings.

Anyway, think I'm sorted for a while in needing 3oC lol.

What did the agent of the nine bring you guardians?

(Awaits, the usual "nothing but disappointment" posts 🤔)
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Imma get 3oC, Helm of inmost light, and Monte Carlo. I'm actually pretty happy about his inventory this week
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Seen a lot of posts regarding people struggling to get the 30k points in Challenge of the elders. I've no idea why tbh.

Our current highest score for the challenge is over 45k and it can get higher as we were messing around in the first round doing bounties. Now I'm NOT suggesting everyone can achieve this, though with practice you probably could/should be easily getting to 30k, so I'll impart a good bit of advice to help you get better scores.

ProTip: Use hand cannons and go for headshots, juice box on vex, combinations. That's how we achieved over 45k score.

And sorry BungieVision, but the weekly challenge score can be done in 2 runs. Yes 2. Guess that's NOT what they expected! They need to ramp it up a bit, or change its name to, I don't know, the Non Challenge of the Elders......

Anyway, overall the update has been good so far and I'm enjoying the climb to 335.
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this is easy i did it solo
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Seen it all now. Being bagged by humans is one thing, being bagged by the game is something else entirely 😂
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I saw no teabagging. Just a taken psion crouching a couple times
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My stats from this Iron Banner. This was only from Tuesday to Friday morning as I didn't play it much (if at all) after that as I'd had 3 characters at rank 5 by then.
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+Chris Cox good spot. Never noticed that on the email. Not like Bungie to reuse assets now, is it 🤔
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This is probably the most accurate article I've read on the problems with The Division.

After the backpack glitch locked me out of my account I began to lose faith in Massive/UbiSoft (not that I had much faith in UbiSoft to begin with).

In the week and a bit I was locked out of playing the game I lost so much ground on my friends. I also lost a lot of interest for the game. I was in the process of getting 4 characters to 30. It was a good way of keeping the already stale missions relevant. Turns out, a week is a long time in gaming.

Then incursion launched with its promises of letting me play again. It did, but it launched with a massive (no pun intended) start up screen bug. You literally cannot see the character screen and simply end up having to guess which toon to play! Then the same bugs that caused the game to crash/suffer loss of sounds after a few hours creepy back in. They didn't even address them in the patch. Last I checked they haven't acknowledged it's an issue, a bit like the backpack glitch until they had NO ALTERNATIVE but to acknowledge it. Anyhow, I persevered.

I played through the daily missions, as before, trying to get PC to buy gear I wanted before losing ground, only to discover it was more expensive/harder to get/not actually useful anymore. So I attempted the Falcon Lost and failed miserably. I needed better gear. But how do I get it? It was easy to understand it before the update. Now though?

Ah, the interweb says you must go into the Dark Zone.

So off I go thinking, I'm OK in here. I'll have higher end gear in no time. Get a few extractions and I'm thinking hey, I'll be high enough soon. Then blam. I'm one shot killed by a rogue. Eh? My mates join. Bam 1 solitary rogue kills all 4 of us in about 5 seconds! WTF is going on? Then it's groups of them, everywhere. We tried our best to put up a fight, we are/were a decent group, but we couldn't even get close to killing 1, yes 1 rogue! Do lower level bullets NOT damage/kill anymore Massive? Everyone who's a higher level is an instant bullet sponge? Where's the skill in that? And more to the point: Who's fkd up decision was that?

Now I find that there's a reason me and my mates are possibly being rinsed, DPS glitch! WTF?? Seriously, you can't save people from themselves and you also can't fix stupid.

They should change the name of the game to The Divided. The game is not unplayable, yet, but it's fast heading down that road.

UbiSoft have a massive problem, actually Massive have a UbiSoft problem (see what I did there) because once a game becomes known for hacks and exploits it never shakes it off. And the only people who play it? Yup.

The Division was already known for how buggy it is, now it's getting a bad rep for it being a game of exploits. And as much as they try and save the day, each day there is a new exploit.

The problem, (from what I've heard) is the game is apparently a clusterfuck of badly written code. Most of the exploits were never removed from the testing development, hence why they're easily accessible.

NB: Games always have developer exploits to allow certain elements to be tested. But these are generally locked down way BEFORE the game ever goes gold.

So what can they do? Fix the holes and hope more don't appear. And pray. But like the author of the article, I think the damage is done.

Will I play it again? Hmmm I'd like to say Yes. If you remove the bugs/glitches/exploits it's a really good game. A game I was enjoying before the backpack glitch. I also bought the Gold edition so I'm kinda wanting to get my money's worth. But the real question is: Do I want to play it? At the moment that answer is a firm NO. I hate wasting my time, especially in games.

We shall see......
Ubisoft's inability to react to exploits fast enough has resulted in an experience that is neither fun nor compelling, and it's hard to image The Division ever recovering.
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Unfortunately, there's a lot of truth to both the article and your post. I'm trying to remain optimistic, but unless the endgame loot grind gets more interesting and more rewarding, people who play the game for less than a few hours a day are just going find the whole game hopeless.
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Incoming Destiny PSA.

Heads up guardians for those who don't know this.

Decrypt ALL exotics on your highest light level character as it drops at higher levels.

That is all......
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Don't you mean "SGA"?
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There is literally no point doing the Taken Bounties from Petra/ranking up Queens Wrath faction IF you want higher level gear. Just got this for getting to rank 16!

Why wouldn't Bungie just update ALL the factions?
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Her Benevolence is a beast in the crucible
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Downloading an update, but it's listed as 1.03 and NOT 1.1??? (Edit, downloaded and installed and it's version 1.03 and inside it includes update 1.1)

Anyway it's 4.9gb in size.
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Mine takes 99+ hours 
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