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Rik Sowden
Welcome to a world beyond sense. Welcome to...Sowdenation
Welcome to a world beyond sense. Welcome to...Sowdenation

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This is amazing! Someone should get me this for a lovely present :D
"That's all Folks" is our latest great tee on going live in just 15 minutes. Get this great design now for the super price of £8/€10/$12 for 24 hours only. Be sure to "+1" this for 1 chance at a FREE TEE today, "Share" it for 2 chances and "Comment" on it for a 3rd chance. Thanks Guys!

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I am involved in a research project over the next two weeks and would appreciate your help.

Please take a moment to complete a survey focusing on technology and its impact on world security - it should take five to ten minutes only.

Thank you!

Very annoyed - someone has associated my email address with their +Sony PlayStation account and it appears impossible to have it removed. I raise an issue with them by email and then get an automatic email a bit later telling me to call them and resolve it - why should I pay to be removed from their system? I don't wish to pay to stop receiving spam!

It appears that, for self esteem boosts if nothing else, I should venture to gay bars/clubs more often. What a jolly night I had :D

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It appears that I need this SAS book!

Just had a "thank you" from someone who we donated some pens to who was collecting for a school in Africa - apparently the donation was really appreciated. It's funny how something can bring things into perspective even on a dull, grey, rainy autumnal day.

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This is lovely :)

(Blatantly stolen from a chum)

I've been getting a lot of new G+ circlers (like vultures), people I haven't been introduced to yet or know well. So here's you're chance...

Who are you and why did you circle me?

And for those of you who are real life friends or long-time internet buddies, tell me something new about you... or funny. I'm always interested in funny.

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