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Rik Scarborough

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Ok, moved back to the original +Evernote​ Web after quite a bit of time working with the new version. The layout is just not as usable, and now I've found that emails that have been web clipped, show up in one column 1 or 2 characters wide.

Still hoping for a native Linux version, or for the money to get a Mac laptop, especially for using the +Evernote​ client.
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Rik Scarborough

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The more I read about people who are currently in the news, the more I realize that the old adage is true. You can tell about a person by the way he or she treats those who can do nothing for them.

#NickSpencerIsHydra and a great example of this.
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Rik Scarborough

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Seek first the kingdom of God ~
Wrestle with God.

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Rik Scarborough

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Happy 241st birthday Navy!
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Rik Scarborough

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Tis the season.

I apologize to all that never want to see a political post. I tend to stay away from them for one reason, and trust me I could post a lot more than I do. Posting on Social Media changes very few minds. It's preaching to the choir and irritating to everyone else.

But it seems to be the topic everyone is speaking about right now. Even some people that have stated they hate the subject.

I hope to have conversations that are enlightening and civil. I'm going to try to not participate in anything else.

Be good everyone.
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I don't disagree. And I may comment on other's posts if I find them to be too far out there, but I'm mostly speaking of my own posts.

And I am an eternal optimist. I find some of the philosophical points of the political season interesting. Also, I'm calling on 3rd party proponents to educate instead of just complaining every 4 years that they are being ignored, so I probably should start "educating" on my own Conservative philosophies. Which are likely to be 3rd party after this year. But being an optimist, I think we can discuss this politely.
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Rik Scarborough

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31 days and we can starting arguing about 2020. Keep positive and Be Good.

#NickSpencerIsHydra and is not positive, good, or running for President (or is he?).
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Rik Scarborough

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Interesting. Especially for +Anna S
What's important to interns?

Staying ahead of the innovation curve - Interns Class of 2016 talk about what they learned and what’s important to them:
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Rik Scarborough

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As I'm taking on more, I'm starting to slip on somethings. Don't know if it's age, the amount, or a little of both, but keeping everything just in my head is starting to not work. Have to get serious about managing time and tasks. I have been using Remember the Milk and Evernote for this, but will have to take it up a notch.

What does anybody else use?
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My wife.
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Rik Scarborough

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Put up my first Halloween outdoor decoration, possibly first ever. And it is way too freaking warm for this.

Bit rednecky too, with the orange extension cord. Will work on something else next weekend.
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Just throw a few leaves over the cord, it will be fine.
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Rik Scarborough

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This weekend I watched the first 5 episodes of Luke Cage. It is really good stuff.

If you are a Marvel Fan, especially of the old Power Man/Iron Fist comic (I had the entire run and about everything I could find with Iron Fist in it), it does not follow the books exactly, but is a well done update. I think I like it much better than I would a exact copy.

From just a story telling aspect, it is awesome. I don't know what it's like to live in Harlem (or in Long Island for that matter, but what the hey). But I read this is a good representation.

I read that this is the most "political" of the shows. I find that interesting, because I have gotten totally different things out of this than some of the authors of the articles I've read. It is presented well enough, that it does not come across as biased. Just, here's what the issue is, how would you solve it kinda story telling. And that is awesome.

Best pull quote for that, "Everyone's got a gun, nobody has a father". That says so much to me.
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Rik Scarborough

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Happy National Coffee Day.
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Rik Scarborough

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Well, shoot. I thought I could use this coming weekend to get caught up on things and get some work done.

But then I looked at the calendar and realized that Luke Cage is being released on Friday.

#NickSpencerIsHydra and in no way endorses this candidate.
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