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Rik Scarborough
Coder; Pelican; Ki-Aikido student; Huscarl; Lutheran Deacon; Gallowglass
Coder; Pelican; Ki-Aikido student; Huscarl; Lutheran Deacon; Gallowglass

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Time to feed the Mushin.

Apparently, I'm becoming addicted to box sushi from KU Med's cafeteria.

Ugh. Tired, behind in everything. Hopefully tomorrow will have more time in it.

Happy Ace Frehley's Birthday, everybody!

Well, there are two announcements from the Merry Band at Marvel. The first is for that awful hack piece Secret Empire, where everyone is evil and no one can be trusted, except I assume big government. Thanks Nick.

The second is for Marvel Legacy. Since I'm an eternal optimist, I'm going to have high hopes for that. They say it's not a reboot; that they are going to restore the original characters within the story.

I've seen that Peter is coming back as Spider Man, but Miles will also be there. Thor will return, but also NotThor (Jane Foster). Hulk and cutesy Hulk.

Personally I think they missed out on several stories in the rush to either publish a "diverse" universe, or just tick off the established fan base (whichever they actually attended). Especially the NotThor story line. I've talked about that before, but such a missed story.

So, here's to the hope that the CapHydra story line will be over and forgotten soon and Marvel will return to actually telling stories.

#NickSpencerIsHydra, but the nightmare will come to an end.

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Was given to me by a friend a few years ago and spent a lot of time on my desk. Looks as if it's been in a fight, but it's still valued highly.

Yes, I'm a rather huge Iron Fist fan. Have been for a few years.

Not liking evil Fitz. Am liking good Ward.

#NickSpencerIsHydra and probably likes evil Fitz.

Can't take it anymore. Gonna need chips and salsa to finish the day.

Ok, I don't know if this is because I'm Lutheran, or this applies to others, but the importance of Coffee in Ministry was just proven.

A company the specializes in Ministry resources just sent me an email on their latest, a great deal on a Keurig.
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