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Riitta Raesmaa
Entrepreneur, SME Growth Coach | Interested in SaaS, Cloud, Social Business & Innovation
Entrepreneur, SME Growth Coach | Interested in SaaS, Cloud, Social Business & Innovation

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Amazing, adorable, wise and talented +Chris Dancy - meet him @  +Mashable hangout. 
Chris Dancy is the self-described "most connected guy in the world," using between 300 and 700 tracking and lifelogging systems at all times. 

Mashable will be hosting a one-on-one Hangout on Air with Chris this Thursday, Aug. 28, at 4pm ET to discuss the many pieces of tech he uses, how his life has changed since he started this practice and what people think about his lifestyle.

Do you have questions for Chris? Ask them in the Q&A app or tweet them using the hashtag #MashTalk , and we'll try to address during the Hangout!

#mostconnectedman   #hangoutsonair   #technology  

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The business implications of the Internet of Things - a compendium by the MIT Technology Review

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I composed a set of visual gags for my friends #BYOD   company. An eager amateur having fun :) Based on my IT conference experiences during the years. #ITSM  

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Software Is Dominating Venture Capital Investments In 2014

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+Joe McKendrick says it: Cloud Is Just As Secure (Or Insecure) As Traditional On-Premises Systems

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Chris says it all >

Employment 2014:

"employable resources with bodies of knowledge"


"identities with networks of attention" 

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Blogged (in Finnish): Bloggasin eilen vuorovaikutuksen vaikeudesta, yritysten sisältökriisistä ja asiakasajattelemattomuudesta. Ernest Hemingwaykin mahtui mukaan.

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#Finnish Bloggasin vapun korvilla tietohallinnon ja HR:n muuttuvista rooleista.

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+Oscar Berg is worried about Intranets becoming increasingly irrelevant.. unless they transform into something else. He says It is feasible to assume that intranets will evolve, just as the Internet itself, into a number of services that provide relevant capabilities to people in different situations. I've just brushed up my understanding of the Semantic Web [2] and created the 2x2 matrix below to show some similarities. There's a fractal explosion of color at the other end if we get this right.

[2] (more from Steve Wheeler at

#intranet   #semanticweb  
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