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A Time Stamp Summary

The final episode of the Small Business WebTech show was a memorable one.  On hand were 3 giants of Internet marketing - +David Amerland , +Ammon Johns , and +Mark Traphagen 
- along with special guest host, +Gina Fiedel , to discuss how small businesses should approach and use their websites to increase their online visibility.

An extra treat was having SEO and search engine expert, +Bill Slawski , stop by to add his thoughts on the subject.  +John Moore and I were honored to host such an illustrious group and are deeply grateful for their participation.

The hour flew by, filled with sound advice and valuable perspective for small business people.  Following is a time stamp summary of the show with some of the highlights and nuggets that were shared.  Desktop users simply click on any time stamp to hear that part of the discussion.  For those on mobile, move the slider under the video to that time in the show.  Enjoy!

2:25 - Introduction of our panel and guests

5:08 - +John Moore  recaps this 3 part series on using your website as a business asset.

7:17 - +Gina Fiedel's introductory remarks - .  Be mindful of what you want to be known for - conscious visibility.

9:10 - +John Moore  asks the panel to share their introductory thoughts on web visibility as it relates to your website.

9:17 - +Mark Traphagen  - Break out of the pattern of looking for magic tricks or a quick fix.  You need the right mindset.

12:14 - +Ammon Johns  - You want to be known for the right things; which means you have to be seen doing the right things - often.  Transparency is important.

13:58 - +David Amerland  - Visibility is about connecting with the people who are right for you.

16:34 - +Gina Fiedel  asks for some clarification of terms such as SEO, SEM, internet marketing, digital marketing, etc.

17:43 - +David Amerland  - Everything now comes under the marketing umbrella.

19:42 - +Mark Traphagen  - You have to prioritize.  Number 1 priority is build a business that is so awesome that people want to share it with others.

22:17 - +Ammon Johns - Marketing comes down to word of mouth… amplifying word of mouth or faking word of mouth.

23:38 - +Bill Slawski  - Listening and being social is part of the equation, also.

28:00 - +Mark Traphagen  - Technical SEO should not be ignored because that is what enables all your other efforts.

30:12 - +David Amerland  - Your website should be where you focus on the real value your business delivers to the people it serves, answering specific questions which showcase your expertise.

31:27 - +Mark Traphagen  - the content on your website can be a sales tool as well as a SEO tool.

33:08 - +John Moore  asks about the hallmarks of a quality website.

33:34 - +David Amerland  discusses the 4 Es: experience, everywhere, exchange (of value), evangelist - and how they relate to your website.

36:19 - +Ammon Johns  discusses the relevance of the 4 Ps: product, place, price, promotion

38:29 - +Mark Traphagen  - You have to approach your website from the viewpoint of your customers and prospective customers.

40:10 - +Ammon Johns  - You need contrast for visibility.  But being remembered and being top of mind is the ultimate form of visibility.

43:10 - +Bill Slawski  gives an example of how your website can answer questions

43:43 - +Mark Traphagen expands on being memorable.

45:21 - +Gina Fiedel  asks about priorities.

46:03 - +David Amerland  - Start with your strengths, make it transparent,and it will then cascade into a lot of other areas.

48:16 - +Ammon Johns  - Start with your existing customers.  Help them and help their voices to be heard.  Give them reasons to talk about you.

51:18 - +John Moore  asks how small businesses sometimes shoot themselves in the foot.

51:46 - +Ammon Johns  - People follow what they read without thinking "is this my business model".  Apply what you read carefully.

52:48 - +Mark Traphagen  - Losing focus.  Don't get caught in a blame psychology.  Take control of things you can change.

54:42 - +David Amerland  - Don't take short cuts.  Look inward first.

Closing Thoughts

58:18 - +David Amerland  - Your business has to be about more than making money.

59:11 - +Ammon Johns  - If you've got a great business, people will want to see it.

103:11 - +Mark Traphagen  - Fan the small flames.  Find where the flame is burning.  That's how you get scale-ability..

1:04:39 - +Gina Fiedel - Be realistic with your resources but not self-limiting.

1:05:14 - +Bill Slawski - You don't have to do things alone.  Find people who support you.

Special thanks to our engaged audience for your comments and questions during the show!

Posted by +Marilyn Moore for +RightStart Websites

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