Making Your Business More Web Centric
A Time Stamp Summary

An All Star panel of +Stephan Hovnanian , +MaAnna Stephenson , and +David Kutcher, along with co-hosts +Gina Fiedel and +John Moore , created a high value, small business discussion of ways to greater involve your business with the web and get more benefit from the effort.

Following is a time stamp summary of the conversation which provided both inspiration and lots of actionable advice.  Desktop users simply click any time stamp to hear that part of the discussion.  If you're on mobile, move the slider to the desired time in the show.

A big round of thanks to our panel as well as our special guest host, +Gina Fiedel !

2:30 - A bit about our panel members

5:28 - Why this series, Using your website as a business asset

6:45 - Today's topic - how to extend out from your website; translating your offline activities to online

9:29 - What does the term "web centric" mean?

9:35 - +Stephan Hovnanian - Think integrated marketing; how everything works together. Be sure to have a master plan; opportunities for people to engage with your company; clear calls to action

11:18 - +MaAnna Stephenson - If you don't have a website, you don't exist; you have to promote outside your website

12:38 - +David Kutcher - A good website can be a multiplier for your efforts.  You can essentially take a small investment and turn it into a huge return...

14:58 - What trends do you see that small businesses need to jump on?

15:30 - +David Kutcher - Mobile.  The majority of local search is done on mobile.  60% of organic search traffic has a local intent.

17:08 - +MaAnna Stephenson explains that not every business benefits from mobile.

19:07 - +Stephan Hovnanian - If you're looking for step-by-step specifics look within your industry for industry reports and publications.

19:44 - +Bill Slawski gives an example of how 2 bakery businesses use their websites as a business hub

21:16 - +Omi Sido comments about using your website to build trust and authority.

22:04 - +Gina Fiedel - There's more to using your website than just making the sale.

23:26 - +Stephan Hovnanian - It takes many touch points before someone becomes a customer.

25:06 - +David Kutcher - The purpose of all your content should be to accomplish a goal or assist in the future accomplishment of a goal.

26:05 - +MaAnna Stephenson - Without a clear goal it's hard to accomplish anything.

27:47 - +Farinaz Parsay asks about situation analyses of online businesses and what problems were identified.

28:02 - +Stephan Hovnanian suggests that the biggest problem for small businesses is that they don't know how to establish and track goals.

29:06 - +Mike Bayes shares his criteria for posting (along with his trademark humor:)

29:39 - What are some areas that a small business can use to connect their business to the web?

29:55 - +MaAnna Stephenson  - Word of mouth recommendations are greatly enhanced when you can refer people to a website and not just a phone number.

31:45 - +Michael Mason asks for an example of a small business creating a high interest article

32:05 - +MaAnna Stephenson gives a real life  example of a masseuse writing an article about massage as a means of de-stressing during tax season.  Try to connect your business with something topical.

33:07 - +Bill Slawski gives an example of using a website as a means to reach out to people through the use of booking buttons.

34:47 - What are some underused web-related areas that people may not think of.

35:19 - +David Kutcher - Reviews are the most under-utilized thing on the web today.  Be sure to get the reviews on the Google My Business page because that's what Google sees and uses for search results. You can then extract the data for your website.

38:42 - +MaAnna Stephenson points out that if you're not a local business, you might take a different approach.

39:27 - +Roland Takaoka comments that Instead of "you talking about you", reviews are where "everyone else is talking about you".

39:42 - +Stephan Hovnanian - Listening to your own team: your sales team, marketing team, support team. Your own company is a content marketing machine if you just listen.

41:30 - +MaAnna Stephenson  - One good thing about the old Yellow Pages book is that it forced people to be very clear about what they did because of space limitations.  Your home page does not have those limitations so it's easy not to have a clear, focused message.

42:48 - +Mike Bayes  asks if reviews play into semantic search.  Answer: YES

43:34 - What are some things that people do offline that they could move onto the web?

44:16 - +Stephan Hovnanian - Feedback cards can be put online; improving your customer database

47:23 - +Gina Fiedel - Any business operation that you can integrate with your website that will save you time on the ground will free you for other things.  Also, creating online how-to videos can drive traffic to your site.

50:48 - +Stephan Hovnanian - FAQs have evolved with the answer box in Google search.  Now there's opportunity to structure the answer to a specific question to get you more visibility in search.

53:58 - +MaAnna Stephenson - On your website look for ways to involve the people who are buying your product.

56:29 -+Omi Sido comments on the value of live chats.

+David Kutcher  - Live chats are not intrusive and give a great personal touch.  It's like saying "Hi, how are you?  How can I help you?"  Another example of transferring a natural, "real-life" behavior to the web.

58:21 - +Stephan Hovnanian - There are apps for this now for use on mobile.

1:00:58 - +Gina Fiedel - A lot of the things we do instinctively offline we can now do online.  Live chat on your website is a perfect example.

Closing Thoughts

1:02:00 - +David Kutcher - Think what comes natural to you; think how you can translate that to your website

1:02:50 - +MaAnna Stephenson - You're losing money if you don't have a website.  (You've got to hear her example:)

1:03:24 - +Stephan Hovnanian - Make sure everything you do onlne has a purpose and a goal.  Get ultra-focused.

1:05:23 - +Gina Fiedel - Use everything you know but forgot to remember.  Find your own best route and take it one step at a time.

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