Hi G+'ers!!

This Thursday at 4pm CET the Hangout team in Europe will be hosting public hangouts and you are all welcome to join us. We want to hear what you think “Rocks” about Hangouts and what could be better. How do you use hangouts and what we could do to make it easier and more exciting! We would also like to hear your questions and maybe just hangout for a while, bearing in mind we can't tell you about upcoming and future features. No invites needed, just drop in, even if only to say "Hi!" it will be nice to see you!

So on Thursday come back and check this post and join one of the hangout links!

Hope to see you Thursday,
Ridwaan (Dan) Carregosa.

Stockholm 4.00 PM
London 3:00 PM
Amsterdam 4:00 PM
Johannesburg 4:00 PM
Brussels 4:00 PM
New Delhi 7:30 PM
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Looking forward to it... Hello from Enköping. =)
Thanks for taking the time to hear from the community. Good luck. =)
P.S. If any of your Google team in Stockholm are ever in Enköping, drop by say hello, we're "Imaginary World" right at the Enköping train station. Great coffee + lots of awesome games. You'll have a good time. =)
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