An excerpt from this week's newsletter, which you can read in full at the link below:

The best GM I've ever worked under had a knack of delivering constructive feedback in a way that had me so pumped up, I couldn't wait to get back on the floor to use what I'd just learned. She used a modified form of the feedback sandwich, but with a timely slant: she'd share something positive she observed me do that day, introduce the development point, and then blend the two with context. Here's how one of her feedback sessions might have gone at the restaurant:

"After our latest mystery shopper report, I've been paying closer attention to how our managers interact with guests, and I wanted to share some of my observations from the lunch shift. I overheard you talking to the couple seated at table 112 earlier and love how you described our special -- you made it sound irresistible! Can you share that description with the closing servers when they clock in for work? I also noticed you chatting with table 56. Instead of asking guests whether they enjoyed their meal, try asking them a specific, open-ended question, like, 'What did you think of the wasabi mashed potatoes that came with your filet?' Your knowledge of the menu gives you a great chance to interact with guests and enhance their experience even more."

Because my GM shared timely feedback, as opposed to talking about isolated incidents from the prior week, month or quarter, her messages were empowering rather than intimidating. Her open communication style meant that I never worried about where I stood with her or how she valued my performance. And the context she provided gave her suggestions a deeper meaning -- I got not just the "what," but the "why."
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