Insulation Replacement is Needed at this House in Suwanee, Georgia

Chris sent this picture of an attic in Suwanee whose insulation was torn off the walls and rafters and matted down between the joists by animals in the attic.

Damaging the insulation by tearing at it or flattening it out is one of the ways that animals in your attic can cost you money. When insulation gets matted down like the insulation between the joists in this picture, it loses its insulating ability. It's actually the air trapped in the insulation that does most of the insulating, and the animals essentially squeeze the air out by running back and forth over the insulation.

That's why Rid-A-Critter provides attic insulation removal and replacement as once of our animal-control services. We believe that a job's not done until the customer's home has been restored to pre-infestation condition -- and this includes the insulation.

We do our insulation-replacement work ourselves, using our own technicians and our own equipment, and we back our work with our industry-leading warranty.

For more information about insulation replacement in Suwanee or anywhere in Gwinnett County, Georgia, please visit our North Georgia office on the Web at

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