Male Antheraea polyphemus Silk Moth

Chris sent this picture of a male Antheraea polyphemus moth. We don't treat for moths, but the picture was good enough and the moth interesting enough that I decided to include it here.

Although not visible in this picture, the back wings of this moth species have two spots that look like an owl's eyes. You can barely see part of the one on the right. When a predator like a squirrel gets too close for comfort, the moth spreads its wings; and if it's lucky, the spots will startle the animal and scare it off.

You can tell this one is a male because of the antennae. They're much bigger in males than females. The wings also have a slightly different shape.

Again, this picture really has nothing to do with any of the services that we offer. I just thought it was too good a picture not to use.
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