Proper Disposal of Contaminated Attic Insulation

This may look like a boring picture, but it tells a story that we're actually proud to tell. Here's why.

We do a lot of insulation-replacement jobs. We do it because when animals get into attics, they not only make a mess, they make a very unhealthy mess. Their urine and droppings can cause odors, their droppings serve as breeding grounds for fungal pathogens, and some of their shed and displaced parasites can transmit bacterial or arboviral diseases.

In view of all that, it's easy to understand why people want all that filthy insulation removed and replaced with clean, new insulation. But that begs the question: What do we do with the old stuff?

At Rid-A-Critter, we collect it in filter bags and haul it away for proper disposal, in accordance with CDC guidelines and local laws. Now you may not think that's a big deal, but the fact of the matter is that some companies just load it into open trailers and cart it away, allowing all that filth to get into the air. You certainly wouldn't want to be the one driving behind those trailers.

That's not how Rid-A-Critter works. We take pride in what we do, even when we're just taking out the garbage. So we do it in the legal, environmentally-responsible way.

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