A Few Words About Our Web Site's Accessibility

For the past year, Rid-A-Critter has been working to improve our site's accessibility for blind and visually-impaired users. A lot of this work includes revising ALT tags on images to make them more informative and readable.

ALT tags are code that's read out-loud by the screen readers used by blind and visually-impaired people to help them understand what an image is and how it relates to the text on the page. We've been working very hard to improve our existing ALT tags, and to make sure that the ALT tags for new images accurately and vividly describe the images.

The problem is that we have thousands of images, and admittedly, the ALT tags on some of the older ones are less-than-wonderful. So if you're a blind or visually-impaired user, and you come across an ALT tag that is poorly-worded or that leaves you wondering what the picture is, please contact us to let us know. You can find our secure contact form at https://secure.ridacritter.com/poke.php.

Thank you for helping to make our site even better and more accessible.
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