Hawk Skeleton Found in an Attic :-(

Chris S. found these skeletal remains of a hawk in an attic during an rodent inspection. He thought it was a chicken at first, which would have been really weird because chickens aren't very good flyers, especially domestic chickens that are fatter than than wild relatives. But when he looked more closely, he realized that it was a hawk, which is just sad.

How the hawk died, of course, is a mystery. Maybe it got into the attic when it was young and couldn't get back out once it grew larger. Another possibility is that it ate a rodent that had been poisoned by an exterminator who used rodenticides in the attic. (That possibility is one of the reasons why at Rid-A-Critter, we don't do that.) Or maybe it just got sick from some natural cause and happened to die there.

Whatever the reason, it's sad. Hawks are majestic and overwhelmingly beneficial animals. It's sad to see something like this happen.
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