Rat Rub Marks on a Pipe in an Attic in Atlanta

One of the things that rat catchers have been doing ever since there have been rat catchers has been looking for rub marks. Rub marks are the greasy stains that rats leave on surfaces that they rub against as they move around, and they can be very helpful in learning the rats' travel patterns. Just follow the grease.

Justin sent this picture in a while ago and I've been sort of on the fence about using it because it's a bit blurry. But I decided to use it just because it's the best picture of rat rub marks I've seen in a long time. (I'm kind of a connoisseur of rat rub mark pictures, you know.)

You can see the smudge along the top of the PVC pipe, which is pretty typical of roof rats. Being tree-dwellers by nature, they like to run along narrow surfaces like pipes and beams; and everywhere they run, they leave a trail of grease behind. 

Alas, the poor hygiene habits of rats often turn out be their downfall. All we rat catchers have to do is follow the grease trail to know where to set the traps, and to find the entry points that we need to seal. They do half the work for us just by being so greasy.

Perhaps if the rats showered more often, that wouldn't be the case. They should have listened to their mothers.

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