Chipmunk Damage to a Dryer Duct in Jasper

We don't do chipmunk work unless they get into houses, as this one did.

Chipmunks often climb up into dryer vents that aren't animal-proof and explore the inside of the duct. Unfortunately for the chipmunks, this excursion often ends tragically, especially if the dryer is in the basement and there's a vertical length of rigid steel duct between the flexible portions. The chipmunks can't get a grip on the steel, which traps them inside the duct.

Sometimes the chipmunk will gnaw its way out of the duct, but other times they may be surprised when the dryer is turned on and either get caught up in the impeller, or die because of the hot, dry air. That's why quite often homeowners have no idea they have chipmunks or other rodents in the dryer duct until they die and start to smell.

All of this tragedy can be prevented by installing an animal-resistant dryer vent.
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