A Green Rat Turd at a Dead Animal Removal and Odor Control Job

Some of you might be wondering why I posted a picture of not just any rat turd, but this particular green rat turd. That's a fair question, so let me answer it.

From time to time, we get calls from people who have dead animals rotting away somewhere in their homes and stinking them up. Nine out of ten times, we find green turds somewhere in their homes, usually in the attic.

The reason is that most rodenticides (rat and mouse poisons) are tinted blue-green for safety reasons. It doesn't affect the bait acceptance because rats have poor color vision. But when the rats eat the bait, it turns their droppings green, as in this lovely picture that Chris C. sent.

The rodenticide that killed the rat who left this turd behind may have been placed in the attic last week, last month, last year, or possibly even several years ago. Most rat poisons stay toxic for a long time in a dry, protected place like an attic. So unless a customer is the original owner of the home, they may not even know that the house ever had a rat problem, much less that some exterminator set out rodenticide.

The other thing that this green rat turd tells us is that most likely, the house is still vulnerable to a rat infestation. Unless the exterminator also rat-proofed the home (which very few companies except Rid-A-Critter do), "new" rats can get in the same way the rat who ate the poison and left this green turd behind did. So in other words, most of the time, the house still needs to be rat-proofed.

Rid-A-Critter provides dead animal removal and odor control throughout our service area. While we're hunting down the carcass, we also inspect the home to see if it needs to be made rat-proof or if other remediation such as disinfecting or insulation replacement is needed. If so, we'll let you know.

For more information about our dead animal removal and odor control services, please visit the Rid-A-Critter office nearest you:

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