Insulation in the Attic of a House in Buford Needs to be Replaced

Chris C. set this picture of the insulation in the attic of a house in Buford, Georgia. In addition to the fact that it has squirrel poop in it, note how matted down it is, and the fact that there are at least three kinds of insulation.

What I suspect happened was that the squirrels running back and forth flattened out the insulation, and the homeowner just kept putting more in, not realizing that he had a squirrel infestation that was causing the problem. How he missed the squirrel droppings, I can't say. But someone kept adding insulation to that attic, and I doubt that it was the squirrels who did it.

Rid-A-Critter provides removal and replacement of contaminated or damaged insulation in Buford and throughout Gwinnett and Hall counties in Georgia. For more information, please visit our North Georgia office at

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