Friendly Squirrel Stopped By for a Visit

Amber sent this picture of a squirrel that she fostered when it was first trapped. It's not unusual to trap juvenile animals before we trap their mothers. The young'uns haven't learned to be trap-shy. The adults tend to be more cautious. So what we usually do is foster the young ones for a few days until we trap their mothers, and then release them together. If we don't trap their mothers (which is very unusual), then we turn the young over to licensed rehabilitators.

This squirrel, however, is already mature enough to live in the wild. But it's taken a liking to Amber and feels welcome to stop by the office for free snacks whenever it pleases.

Rid-A-Critter treats all the animals we handle humanely and with respect. One of the things we look for in technician candidates is that they actually like animals. If they don't, then this is the wrong place for them to work.

For more information about Rid-A-Critter's humane wildlife-management services, please visit us on the Web at
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