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Ricky Cain
Political Mind, World Traveler, Satirist, Capitalist, Tech Geek, Freemason
Political Mind, World Traveler, Satirist, Capitalist, Tech Geek, Freemason


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For those that believe Hillary's server couldn't have been hacked. Please note, my server is successfully defending against a DDOS of XMLRPC attacks for the past 3 days. #XMLRPC #DDOS #fail2ban #monroemi #monroemichigan
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I've just watched a fabulous film called +Collateral Beauty #CollateralBeauty It was a touching film which starred my two favorite beau actresses +KATE WINSLET & +Kiera Knightley. Sadly, the ratings are 1 star which is grossly wrong #katewinslet #kieraKnightley
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4-4.5 miles at +Go M.A.D. Fitness in 2 hours on a treadmill #Gomadfitness #monroemi #monroemichigan #treadmill
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To start fresh, to start anew is never complicated. You only need to find a path. However many wish things to remain the same #monroemi #monroemichigan
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When one feels they are in a rut, you must dig through the dirt to reach pure blindness in order to see the other side. In the final moments, you may feel exhausted but the end is literally near.....

#monroemi #monroemichigan
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The hour of the Wolf, starts between 3AM-4AM. As well last longer then one hour... #monroemi #monroemichigan
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Effectiveness is always dependent upon direction. #monroemi #monroemichigan
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To ponder, is to wonder, however when wondering where is it we are going? Within our mind, body, or soul?

Wondering surely, shows that we are unhappy with what is reality! If we are so disenchanted in what is ours.

We thus must set forth a view to change outcomes to my favorable wants.

#monroemi #monroemichigan #thoughts
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I will certainly miss a dear friend, and there are no words or time that can replace them. The past 5 months have meant something to me, and I do dedicate this post exclusively to them. For it's the best I can do for now. Cherish what you have. For all the time we talked.
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Things I've learned.. #idealism #ethics #morality #monroemi #monroemichigan

1: Always stand for and with what is moral, and right!
2: No matter how much the cost it is to stand for a just cause, or right side. Support will come from those you are unaware of.
3: Stand against injustice
4: Silently, watch all sides of an issue, then become involved as an outside spectator
5: Don't speak first, MAKE an ACTION that speaks louder then words. Stand apart from everyone
6: Take the long, hard road even if there is an easier route.
7: Be an idealist
8: Be a realist
9: When you fall, and you will.Make sure you've hit rock bottom. So you can RISE
10: Always know what you want at the end of the road
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