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Ricky Olguin

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Plese share and help spread the word to my GoFundMe Campaign.

So anyone planning to do something soon? It's been pretty quiet lately here

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Cinco de Mayo recipe alert! One hour, that’s all it takes to bake and assemble these homemade soft tacos!

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Had a fun day today with my battle buddies and we even watched Transformers! The day and the movie was awesome. :)

So I came back from our ftx on Friday and I was able to relax this weekend. FTX stands for field training exercise in case you didn't know. Now that I finished that and passed trauma lanes I am MOS qualified! I am officially a combat medic in the US army. :) Graduation this Friday. 3 more days and a wake up! Hooah! After I go home to Arizona for two weeks, I'm going to head to my first duty station in south Korea!

Passed all skills and I'm now phase 5+! All I need left is Camp Bullis and I'm officially a medic. Hooah! :)

Guess who's officially an EMT now! Me! 
Waiting for my phase 5 patch right now.

"May I have your attention please? May I have your attention please? A terrorist threat has been reported on post. Remain calm and stay in the building. Take appropriate security measures to report suspicious persons, vehicles, packages, or activities to security personnel."

I've only listened to that over the intercom for the last 10 minutes, all while every other company is still having formations and going about their daily business. Well done Ft Sam. Well done!
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