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+ET Parreira's parallel pong running with a background image from #hubble of Eta Carinae. I have been waiting to see this for so long!
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Awesome! Pity the screens have such a thick border.
how did you link up the displays?  i would love to try this myself.

great looking project.
I wonder if you can remove the bezels on those monitors?
Nice job!  good luck with the classes.
Paja K
Its fantastic .Really total cool.
Write up please!!!!  I'd like to mimic this on a smaller scale for work.
Can you please share how you did it?!!
I'm still working on the write up, since we pushed to get this done for an event at SDSC today. For those interested, the simple answer is that I wrote a script to crop out sections of an image of the Carina Nebula from the #hubble gallery using #imagemagick . Then, I set the background for each of the tiles to the appropriate section. I'll add the script to our parallel pong repo on GitHub.
excellent work, for a second I thought this was my EVE +G...
It'd be very cool if Xdmx could enable such a setup.
Geek overload. My brain is melting.
Fantastic. Can you provide more info on what was the setup you used? How you linked displays? How coordination happens? What is the software glue?
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