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Photos from building the Raspberry Pi cluster rack that will drive the  SDSC Sandbox tiled display wall. It was a great time working with my son on the project.
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+Alex B., the biggest display wall I know of is HIPerSpace (, which is 14 wide by 5 high, totaling 70 displays. If there's any way I can go larger than that, I  absolutely will.
+Alex B., while the Raspberry Pis could do a decent job of rendering a virtual display space, we're trying something different. I think the combination of a tiled display wall and a Raspberry Pi cluster make for the perfect combination of how to teach distributed computing and parallel programming. That's why we laid out the Pis to match the displays: there's something visceral about seeing the cluster that's controlling the LCD panels. This is the opposite of most tiled display walls, where the computers are hidden away. One of the students wrote up their work creating a distributed Pong (, which is the first working application. We're bundling these into lesson plans for middle and high school students.
What is material of that orange panel? :s
+Amirul Iman , it's red fluorescent acrylic. I bought a 1/4" x 24" x 48" sheet, and one of the student created a CAD file for the CNC laser cutter in #ucsd 's engineering school. You can buy the acrylic online from US Plastic:
+Rick Wagner is there information on what's being done on the software side, Xorg config, etc., posted somewhere?
+Erik Bixby, I'm in the middle of writing up a longer description of the. But for now, the Xorg settings come straight from raspi-config, and the IP addresses are fixed. I post a link to the write up in these comments and to the community when I'm done.
+Rick Wagner  Please post the list of tools, apps involved in the project to read a little and try one for myself (cause I dont have a son to share jet).
+ET Parreira, I've posted links to the blog and your post about Parallel Pong. I think what folks are looking for is the additional configurations, like what we did today with the NFS server on the management Pi, home directories, etc.
Ah I see, they want the hard stuff then! 
I would love to see the finished parallel pong. Will the source code be shared?
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