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Rick Tillery (Run Rabbit Films)
Former TV news anchor who spends as much time on the bike as possible.
Former TV news anchor who spends as much time on the bike as possible.

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Expanding on the thoughts from the FB wall post... This idea seems to be gaining traction from what I was seeing and hearing on the Interbike floor and parties in Las Vegas. The new Colorado Convention Center has the space and attendees would not be competing with the typical Vegas visitor for hotel space.

At 580,000 sq feet for the main floor, I'd put all the big displays upstairs. Plus mix in mid-size and smaller booths, keeping it mostly hard goods.

On the second level I'd put all the soft goods: helmets, clothing and accessories, lots of space to spread out for that. I'd also locate a couple of lounges, the food court and media center here as well.

For the bottom floor I'd create the perfect environment for the BMX and Trials village in the Four Seasons ballroom and the Korbel Ballroom could house the non-cycling parts of Health & Fitness Expo.

The Wells Fargo Theater seats up to 5000 people and could hold talks, seminars and presentations. The manufacturers could also hold premieres for their new products in this space.

Outdoor Demo could be at the new Valmont Bike Park in Boulder. It will have been around for enough time by next year to have worked out most of the issues. It would be fairly simple to coordinate shuttles to VBP from downtown Denver.

A lot of folks are worried about CrossVegas, with good reason. It's an excellent event no question. Brooke Watts has done an excellent job developing it. If IB did move, I fully believe Brooke could create just as compelling an atmosphere at the Valmont CX course.

I believe this all makes a lot of financial sense. It would be a lot cheaper, Denver is a fairly inexpensive city compared to Vegas, and it's centrally located for shorter flight times for everyone.

Here are the links for the interactive floor plans for the Colorado Convention Center: and the incredible Valmont Bike Park:

Again... these are just my thoughts. I certainly do not claim to be an expert.

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