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Rick Talbot
Writer of fiction and sci-fi and all-around IT guy.
Writer of fiction and sci-fi and all-around IT guy.

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Finally saw Rogue One last night. For me it recaptured the feeling I had as a kid, more than Episode 7 did. My initial thought was "wow that was faster and more intense!" (To paraphrase Lucas). For those of you who have seen both films, which one did more to bring back the experience of the originals?

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Hi folks, my short story "On the Practice of Robot Urology" is now available in the Valentine's day issue of Tevun-Krus:

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Final chapter of Breaking Young Divinities is now online. If you're interested in reading, the whole book is now available here on Wattpad:

Thanks for those of you who have already started to read and have left comments and votes. The writing-specific interactiveness of Wattpad is what makes it worthwhile.

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Just posted the 2nd last chapter on Wattpad:

There's a few sort-of-sonnets throughout the book. Here's one of them, written from the character's point of view. For those who are into this kind of thing, the rhyming pattern is roughly:
ABAB CxxC DxDx EE (the X's are where the line doesn't really rhyme)....

What is a woman for, but for a man?
Why is she so amended and adorned?
Makes him want nothing but to hold her hand,
Though he risks suffering her wrath and scorn?

She seems like an angel, but it’s disguise.
Her true nature is not so innocent,
She is more likely than not to gibe him,
She is of a complex mind and is wise,

Knows things that mere men can’t bear to fathom.
Is possessed of all the faculties
Of the panther, and moves like a phantom,
Stinging hearts before they know what happened.

Perhaps it’s true, what’s been said of women:
Can’t live with them and can’t live without them.

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Just posted Chapter 19 of Breaking Young Divinities online on Wattpad. Would have posted sooner, but had to Star Wars Marathon today with a friend who had never seen the original trilogy. That problem is now solved.

Chapter 19:

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Chapter 17 of Breaking Young Divinities is up on Wattpad today! Here's an awesome photo of encouragement that my wife took this morning. Please ignore the unwashed morning hair. :-)

Wattpad link:
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