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The State of the State address will stream live at 7 pm #MISOTS
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Well it's good to see lowbrow conversation hasn't flooded this thread...oh wait. :-/
Great State of the State address +Rick Snyder . I will be voting for you again. You have done everything you said you would when you got elected. This state is turning around and signs are looking good here.
Bruce Rick - I'm with you with your views of the Governor. I wish he would do something more with the increased amount of social programs we have within this state. Michigan needs to address it's addiction to federal money ($142M in Home Heating Assistance, $3B in food stamps...just to name two). Michigan needs to be prepared for what ObamaCare in 2014 and what it will mean to the state (huge increases in Medicaid). Michigan's getting better but has a lot more work to do.
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