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I posted more video responses to YouTube. If you want your question answered, send me a message to @onetoughnerd on Twitter using the hashtag #AskGovSnyder or post it here on Google+
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Cut a billion from the MDOC and you will have the funds!
How smart did you came with your profession?
Thank you very much and am gratful for. it my hope your administration will be with me all the time.
Please there are many investments opportunities in my country here with very competitive advantages, I really do not know which, where and how to start my investments.and where there is the need to chose any investments? thank you
Reconfirm your name Address,mobile for delivery of your ATMcard $10.M,
are you runing for a second term i sertainly hope so
thank you!greatest gov ever!,
-ask the union protesters what they have done to bring jobs -business to michigan?
Thank you - - We look forward to seeing Michigan move forward --
and on well paved roads.... 
I was suporting mayor of warren I do not understand hes agenst the right to work
Right to work is good love to see them abolish minimum wages why do we need the government telling buissineses how much tobpay people
march 27 ,rtw will be here ! yes !
greatest governor in mich history! thanks,
no more forced-unionism.
you know with rampant competiton, small business are collapsing. What really is the problem 
great talk but i do not understand why small business fail to survive it's bad leadership. 
We should look at the technology of a company called Parjana, based out of Detroit, when looking at fixing our roads. This technology helps alleviate the main cause for road deterioration by draining water that builds up underneath roads and causes the soil to weaken under the roads and causes them to crumble.
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