A challenge was given to me and accepted on Thursday the 12th of January in the 3:00 hour. I had to prove the power of social media. The challenge was to acquire 30 new followers in 3 days (72 hours) on Twitter by only using Twitter to get the word out.

The point being that one can send out information, or in this case a request, and it will spread far and wide. I decided the best way to go about doing this was to tell my Twitter friends & followers what was going on and see where it went from there.

The tweet went out: "All right followers, we've been challenged! A co-worker of mine says Social Media is bunk. Said that I couldn't get 30 followers in 3 days."
Followed by: To win the challenge I'll need 2 B @ or above,1004 followers by 3:45 PM (PST) on Sun, Jan15. Spread the word & lets show 'em how it's done.

We are about an hour away from the completion of the challenge. As of right now the number of Twitter followers on my @ZooKeeperRick account went from 974 to 1070 in the time allotted for the challenge. That's 96 new followers in 3 days! (Worth noting: the goal of 30 new followers was obtained within the first 24 hours.)

The point is proven. Social Media can get the word out, and quickly. It can raise awareness. It can get people involved and active in what you are doing. Or it can be a way for you to get active and involved in something someone else it doing. But like all tools, you need to use it, you can't just buy a hammer and expect it to build something all on it's own.

BIG Thank You to all who helped get the word out to bring in new followers to prove the point. And of course a BIG "Welcome!" to all of the new followers on Twitter. I hope to get to know you all and share a lot of great information!
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