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Co-founder and president Ed Catmull on keeping things secret, bringing Marvel into the mix, and the future of 3D animation.

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Entrepreneurs do what they do for reasons most people will never understand--unless they're also entrepreneurs.

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Open access to the internet is a hot topic, whether it’s the challenge to net neutrality or the digital divide. People can end up on the wrong

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The Most Spectacular Libraries Around the World 
(Plus- Happy National Library Week!) 

"Your library is your paradise"*...
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Waterton Lake Eclispe
Image Credit & Copyright: Yuichi Takasaka / TWAN /

Recorded on April 15th, this total lunar eclipse sequence looks south down icy Waterton Lake from the Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada, planet Earth. The most distant horizon includes peaks in Glacier National Park, USA. An exposure every 10 minutes captured the Moon's position and eclipse phase, as it arced, left to right, above the rugged skyline and Waterton town lights. In fact, the sequence effectively measures the roughly 80 minute duration of the total phase of the eclipse. Around 270 BC, the Greek astronomer Aristarchus also measured the duration of lunar eclipses - though probably without the benefit of digital clocks and cameras. Still, using geometry, he devised a simple and impressively accurate way to calculate the Moon's distance, in terms of the radius of planet Earth, from the eclipse duration. This modern eclipse sequence also tracks the successive positions of Mars, above and right of the Moon, bright star Spica next to the reddened lunar disk, and Saturn to the left and below.

Rick Ross

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Cosmopolitan, Car amp Driver, and O, the Oprah Magazine, are some of the formidable Hearst properties whose digital strategy will get an infusion of...
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Preliminary results from a two-year experiment in self-management.

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That looks like pure heaven! 
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CEO, Ross Innovation Inc.
  • Ross Innovation Inc.
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Leadership | Innovation | Technology

On a never-ending quest for better.

I share my thoughts at: Business, Technology and Life and welcome the opportunity to connect here on Google+ and on Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest.  

  • Connecting with and learning from people everywhere.
  • Game changing ideas and finding ways to apply them for maximum impact.
  • Living during a time where there's so much opportunity to make a difference.
  • Connecting leadership principles and technology to enhance organizations and the lives they affect.

My company, Ross Innovation Inc., applies a people-centric approach to drive innovation and uncover and implement technology-based opportunities for our clients. A cutting-edge business model and an obsession with delivering value make us a perfect match for those seeking a  growth catalyst.

Service highlights:

  • Executive Coaching with a difference - in-depth Leadership AND Technology expertise. Results to show the combination's effectiveness
  • On-demand CIO Services
  • Digital Strategy and Implementation
  • Web, Mobile and Desktop Application Development

Client industries:

  • Business
  • Non-profit
  • Healthcare
  • Government

Bragging rights
My comments are included in Harvard Business Review's Spring 2012 publication on Reinvention
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