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Rick Owens
Searching For The Truth
Searching For The Truth

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This Day by Rick Owens

I will never forget this day, when many precious lives were taken away
I see some of the little survivors on the TV, wondering how their lives will truly be
A sweet boy said his teacher wouldn't let the animal in, her quick thinking protected the children from this animal's sin
With tears in my eyes I look up to night sky and see, 20 little stars shining back at me.
This day I hope never happens again, praying to God to put the insanity to an end.

#Newtown #tragedy #hope #children

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This is Big Bang Theory level of Nerdness.

#Avengers #BigBangTheory #Marvel

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This is a tweet looking sneaker!!

#sneaker #Twitter

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This would be a great present for my daughter.
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"I Can Tell This Is A Guy Who Loves To Shoot."

#photography #Nikon #Canon 

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Why is it the US Government only talks about the problems but never seizes the opportunities?

#government #transportation 
The topic of discussion in my house this morning was how outdated and antique the US train system is compared to the rest of the world.  I wish the US would get with times. The West Coast especially has a completely antiquated rail system. 

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Graphic Designers Show Us New Ways To See The World.

#design #graphic #art

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Peter what is the word today?

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