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Can someone explain why my ice cube trays produce these standing ice sticks?

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More on the "science" front.

Again today science has discovered common sense and published it.  I learned this stuff before I was three. 

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There is a troubling trend in journalism.  The following are excerpts with emphasis added of lines from an article about "science".  Ostensibly science is about facts and observed truths.  But this article hedges any statement that could support the headline; except of course the headline itself hedges with a '?' at the end.  Yellow journalism is not journalism at all.

 The only definitive  statement in the entire article is "Ants are changing the environment," which could be said with equal authority by my 9 year old nephew.

Ants MAY be cooling the Earth...

A long-term experiment ... SUGGESTS....

CERTAIN ant species "weather" minerals in order to secrete calcium carbonate... and removes a tiny bit of carbon dioxide gas 

Dorn's ... experiment shows that ants APPEAR to break down the minerals 50 to 300 times faster...

According to Dorn, the ants MAY BE scavenging calcium and magnesium from the minerals and using these elements to make limestone. 

... the insects MAY trap carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, in the rock, the report said. 

The transformation COULD take place when ants lick sand grains and stick them on the walls of their nests, but Dorn said the process is truly a scientific mystery. 

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Mom with Myriam and me at our engagement party.

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Ignorance is not always bliss.

This cyclist had at least 4 seconds warning not to approach this horse.

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Looks like a solution to the illegal immigrants problem.  They can repair the buildings for their room and board in the buildings as they live in them.   Lock the doors from the outside and provide beds, tools, food, medicine, and repair materials.  Any time they want to leave there is a bus to Mexico.

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What are these flowers called?    I bought some one time and they never seemed to die.

Trying to make the switch to Plus since Facebook allowed a page advocating for the murder of Kendall Jones.

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Want to share your location with me on Google+? Turn it on here:

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Tom Perkins is getting a lot of hostility over his comparison of the hatred faced by rich to the hatred faced by Jews in Nazi Germany.

His detractors argue against Perkins's comparison of the holocaust; but such comparison is absent from his argument. His actual words are correct and do not mention the holocaust but rather compare to Kristallnacht.  The Nazis did use class warfare and envy to vilify the success of the Jewish community.  This same Nazi mentality is seen today in our President, the liberals and the Occupiers who call for us to move against the 1% to correct a supposed Income Inequality.

Anyone who knows history will know Tom Perkins's comparison to be true. No doubt Walt Mossberg and his ilk support the hatred against the 1% and know that they must distance their movement from this correct comparison to the Nazis or see their efforts fail.

Unfortunately, our public schools do such a poor job of teaching that history is known by too few. People should be made aware of other precursors to the holocaust such as the removal of religious freedom, disarming of the citizens by the state, the institution of new police powers and the ruling by fiat expressed by Obama's use of and threat to use Executive Orders.

Do not support the hatred and hate speech being thrown out by the left. The only way to help our nation is to promote success through business. No nation has ever taxed its way to wealth.  Successful business owners are the only way to get our own citizens back to work and to regain the strength we have lost so recently.  Then from a position of strength, wealth and prosperity we can aid our deserving allies.
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