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What I Swim, Bike and Run. Great article by Sanjay Gupta.

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Big Five Destination Specialist, Justin Huff, recently traveled to China, including Tibet, to explore some exciting new experiences for Big Five guests. Check out one of his finds below - Tobogganing down the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of China!

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What happens when you take a group of elite CrossFit athletes to the top of the Empire State Building at 4 a.m.?

A WOD at 1,050ft above the city that never sleeps. (

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I just came across a great guide from aweber on emial marketing subject lines, from lines, preview panes and snippets. Good points about snippets and using hidden-text in cases where your template doesn't do the job.

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Wikipedia to go dark for 24h on January 18th (5am to 5am GMT)

+Jimmy Wales announced on Twitter that Wikipedia will go dark for 24h on Wednesday

Not only that, Jimmy Wales is starting to a round of interviews explaining why Wikipedia will go dark with news outlets like CNN.

These are great news!

Read + Share + Spread = Stop #SOPA

Via +Daniel Collin

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Another classic example of how our leaders have no idea what they are doing.

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Direct Action

+reddit is going dark next Wednesday as a form of protest against #SOPA
We think that this is a great idea but more has to be done

One of the ideas that we had would be to ask, from those that can decide within certain companies, to join reddit next week.

What if +Kevin Systrom, Instagram's CEO would join the blackout day by making sure that every single picture shared in his service would re-direct to a single image protesting against #SOPA?

What if +Alan Schaaf, software developer at Imgur, would try and get those responsible for the service to do the same?

What if Wordpress did the same?

+Wil Wheaton we need your power to make this happen!

What other ideas do you have that could be simply implemented in time for next week's blackout?

Read +Share + Spread + Comment + Participate = Stop #SOPA

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Let the map load, then look up.

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It's a really thin article by FastCompany but the last point is a biggie and always under-rated. Simple employee recognition can go much further than ping pong tables and colorful walls...

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Google's Nemesis is Yahoo? Errr, maybe 7 years ago. Is Yahoo even online anymore?
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