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Going to get my Grunge on with Erik "Ace Alterbernd and Dr. Modo.

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On May 1, 2015 we announced that our deposition and legal video services are now 100% available in high definition. Exciting!
On May 1st, 2015 we announced that our deposition and legal video services are now 100% available in high definition.  Exciting!

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Here's the latest Rebecca Black/Jason Vorhees Mash-up

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Our cat Jayna approves of G Plus!

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Rick Levy hung out with 2 people.Mike Corbett and Justin Leon

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Google and M-Lab giving away free, diagnostic BISMark routers. Check the article for the link to get your own.

Starting to learn Apple Motion - lots cool of features!

Animated GIFs are back! Yay!

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G+ Streams and Streamlets

One of the most interesting things I have noticed over the past week is the increase in the level of activity on G+. Many more posts, quips, photo’s, videos, animated GIFs (how retro is that!) and above all comments, are being shared. I can only imagine the level to which this will increase as more and more people connect to G+.

This is truly awesome and what I am sure we all love so far about G+. It represents real engagement and the true power of G+.

For me it’s also a potential problem, and here is why:

The Stream is that never ending flow of everything we are interested in reading, and a lot that we are not. This is not to reflect on the quality of anyone’s sharing, it’s all good. We just all have different ideas of what catches our attention.

The Stream is slowly turning into a raging flood and I simply cannot keep up.

I have meticulously organized my Circles, so yes I can view the Stream in Streamlets as needed – but it is still not enough. It is tedious to scroll through pages of comments to get to the next posts. It is tedious to have to select Circles for Streamlet viewing.

The solution to me is simple – we need to be able to:

1. Configure our default Circles for viewing upon log-in.
2. Be able to select one, several or all Circles to view.
3. Sort the Circle list so our preferred Circles are at the top

Tweaks like this will absolutely make my G+ life easier, how about you?
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