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+Terry Bebertz, working with an old Zeiss 50mm lens attached to an adaptor for micro 4/3 and in conjuction with closeup filters(s) gives me soft results, extremely narrow depth of field, and no focus capability. So yes color, form, and composition are the main considerations here even though I do attempt to get the main point of interest in relatively sharp focus. The DOF is very narrow even when the lens is stopped down. So far all my experimentation with this contraption has been handheld and sometimes the focus is missed. In a few of those instances the results have been intriguing. I have had enlargements as large as 20x30 and the effect was pleasing.
I'm very new to process software +Terry Bebertz and not sure how one would do that, but that sounds like an area of interest for me. My post tool is mainly Lightroom4, and GIMP installed but no idea how to use it as yet.
I hope to be ready for Photoshop in the near future, right now financial priorities and personal capabilities are keeping me from pulling the trigger.
Thanks +Terry Bebertz , I think I had the program installed on a previous computer but never got around to using it. I should re-install and give it a run.
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