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Rick L
Home Dad with two boys.
Home Dad with two boys.

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Microbee 1982, 16kB, 2MHz!
Australia's first computer.
This is a photo of my (kinda) 2nd Microbee.
I had the 64th one ever made...
Which was in the days of making it yourself.
I made it badly and when they "fixed" it it was suddenly
a new one in a new case. 

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Dolly is getting into PokemonGo...
I feel sorry for the pokemon.

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Burger from Grilled n Burgers in Wahroonga.

Aussie Burger $11.50.

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Photos from Level 3+ dinner last night...
It's open so feel free to add your own.

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Marlboro's new mascot.
Jeff the diseased lung.

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The more who see the safer it gets. Feel free to share.

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Seared Mandagery Creek Venison, Sansho Pepper, Roasted Pumpkin, Miso, Artichoke.

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Eggs benedict

Absolutely brilliant. Place is called... curl the whisker cafe

Anyone having trouble with Optus Cash not working with PayWave?
Especially "CTLESS error 31" or "no contact less" errors.

Check Settings > look for NFC setting > then tap on advanced settings (which can be found via the tab with x3 dots top right hand of the screen) > “Embedded Secure Element” > ensure “SE SIM Card” is selected.

Also check...
Make sure these are all true for your phone:

Android Kitkat 4.4 or better.
Check you do no have another payment system messing up Optus one. e.g CBA have a sticker you put on your phone!

Check Phone settings > tap & pay >
            ensure that Cash by Optus is selected.

Check in "Cash by Optus" app > settings > payment settings > ensure that under “Contactless on Open” is OFF.
So you don't have to open app to use the PayWave.

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