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Love this tribute to MCA by +Coldplay at the Hollywood Bowl last night.
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not even a fan of coldplay but totally sitting here tearing up. my respect level for them just went through the roof.
+Yas Mean I didn't consider myself a fan until we took my son to their show last weekend in San Jose. Enjoyed the music, but what blew me away was how genuinely grateful they were to the audience, and how hard they worked to give the crowd a good show. And I agree - this tribute is amazing.
I just don't enjoy their music. my sisters love them and they've seen them multiple times telling me how amazing they are live and I do hear stuff about them loving their fans genuinely. i just can't get through a whole cd without feelin kinda nauseous.
hate coldplay, my opoion, but sad
Loved that. Very much. Thanks for sharing it.
Yes. Yesterday. From cancer. :(
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