Starting to zero in on what I think will be a good solution for managing the photos in our house. (Thanks +David Razloga +Matt Steiner and +Eric Souza for pointing me in the right direction.)

Here's what I'm thinking about:

* dedicated Mac Mini, running Picasa
* I have a 1 TB NAS drive that will house all photos; the Mac Mini will map a drive to the NAS and use that in Picasa
* installing Crashplan on our laptops, copy pictures from /Pictures folder to folders on NAS
* Picasa will monitor the NAS, and add new pictures to its collection as they are copied over.
* Picasa facial recognition will find faces of family members, making it easier to sift through the 50k images we have already, and find new images/faces as they're copied in
* For big collections, I'll create an album in Picasa; Picasa's default ability to sort by date will generally be enough.
* Will create a Google account dedicated to this purpose; Picasa will log in to that account and will sync all folders up to Picasa Web Albums. I'll experiment with sharing, but assume that I'll be able to share the entire collection with both my account and my wife's
* thanks to multi-login support in Chrome and Android, I'll have access to all of these images from any browser and on both of our phones

Since GoogleTV supports multiple accounts as well, I should be able to point the Gallery app to this dedicated account, which means I'll get a screen saver of nearly 20 years of pictures. (I may actually use the TV as the display for the Mac Mini, haven't decided if I want a dedicated monitor for this or if it's OK to park it in the TV cabinet.)
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