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This really is the best video on YouTube. Hands down.
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No way, really??? What a wonderful convergence of talent!
This is the funniest things I have seen in a while, i have tears in my eyes I'm laughing so hard.
OMG, that was freaking hysterical! LOLOLOL!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Christopher Walken just raped my childhood memories & I liked it! AHAHHAAHAHAHAH
I don't know, "Go the Fuck To Sleep" as read by Samuel L. Jackson is pretty good ;)
Holy Friggin Ridiculously Funny!!! Loved this..
is it a good book peolpe saw it is
OMG, was he drunk? I have that entire book memorized because of my kids. I'm going to do CW's version next time.
Where the Wild Things Are is one of my favourite animations I have ever seen.
loved that story when i was a kid
...and "Go the F__k to Sleep is Amazing". My older kid loved it, the PG version of course
max and his mother
and a dog and bear
nice bed god bed
what the hake is this
a boat in a see
and the see got a monster
and he is not satf ok done
no no not yet and a big fire ok done....!!!!!!!!!!!???
One of my least favourite . . .almost fell asleep!!
"..looks like Ernie from Sesame Street gone wrong." 
Had to wake up to type this and set my alarm...
Rick Klau I have to agree with you bro, this vid is insanely awesome. Thanks for sharing. Hahahahahha.....
Hilarious. (I'm a late convert to Walken-ism.)
This is absolutely hilarious! "There's a monster that looks like George Went, because kids love George Went." LOL haha I was laughing out loud at this point. I also like when he called one of the monsters a bastard, and he said one looks like Ernie from Sesame Street. HAHAHAHA!!
Yep!! that,s CW alright,I wonder if he kept a strait face reading that,,being silly is his nature,,love the guy!!
Cracked me up!.. or maybe it was just because I was exhausted and everything was funny.. hm...
lmao damn what a great story now i can go to bed
I thought it was great he can read to my kids any time
Love the book...but that is not sounds nothing like him. I listen to Walken all the time.
I said boom cuz this book makes a funny impact
Bahahahah "some kinda puffy steam nose, and like some bird feet....ya know ale-gator mouth" hahahah this make me lawl!...and the "bastard goat"
Li Zeth
ahaha indeed :)
I love that he describes the pictures with such details!
dorio x
I already watched the movie version. Yes its Max
"And, in the picture you can see... he doesn't look scared... he's kind of annoyed, like, you know... who're this bastards?, and there's a goat bastard ridin' on the back of some kind of, you know, rihnoceros ...". Pure internet branded gold.
If only it actually was the great Walken.
It was a great book because of the artwork mostly. Nothing like it.
walken makes everything a little bit cooler. i love this!
its good sir but i want some oldest knowledgible vedios related to medical education,histery and prosperity.Thanx!!!
Seen the movie and the book. Its a bit scary for small children. I wont allow my 4yr old to watch it.
Wow, I find this interesting ... As a ten year old that is.
I was just wondering whether the wild things are a book, or just a picture book?
Can somebody answer that?

Christopher Walken makes things come alive! I love to listen to him read The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe!
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Wwwhaaattt best video ??? that 0
Mưa gi đâu, anh em đang chờ đi nhậu
That was very interesting read from
Christopher Walken is the MAN! Great story & video. Another great children's classic, Dr. Suess' Green Eggs and Ham, as recited by Jessie Jackson many, many years ago on Saturday Night Live, was another great one, too.
Very funny but Michael Rosenbaum does a better Walken impression. 
This is funny... But for some reason, I got the impression that it wasn't really Christopher Walken, but an impersonation.
wtf haha that's is funny if not the funnest video i ever seen lolol
Ha ha! What a wonderful way to start the morning. Thank-you Mr. Walken.
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"The kid is kind of a jerk, I think that's the point you are supposed to get."
i luv both the book and the movie
It is pretty awesome, but I can't help thinking that it needs more cowbell.
Wow! I loved this book as a child.. Fond memories was Christopher Walkins high? I confused? Ija
I loved this as a child too because it made me laugh and because I really enjoyed it
So now, we're at the differenter part of the book, where there are no words and and just -uh pictures
I used to wish I could do that when everyone was arguing!
I need to get me a king stick.
One of my favorite books....ever!
This is theee best! I love Christopher Walken. "Kids are jerks" LOL
Smiley McDuck feet... epic.
only half as funny due to Christopher Walken it being an impersonator.
Ohh! I have read that book , but i dont get the book.
I read that book to my kids almost every night. There is a page missing in the middle of the 'Wild Rumpus', but they don't care.
Matt C
He's got a king stick!
And if the Stones don't do it, there's always Walken.
I listened too... it was a great story and movie at the time.
Cute... Didn't know he has so many reading videos
priceless - kids are jerks - you know
Yea, right, sure, hmmm...are we there yet?
Even when he says the title its just great!
Where the wild things...are
lol love it..." kids are jerks" " their bastards" gotta love him
Indeed! it's the most truthful true!
and the bedside table is a bush now
lets see somebody else do it better (go chris)
+Rick Klau i don't really care if it is someone impersonating walken or not, it is well done & reminds us of this talented actor's great range (his vietnam veteran scene at pulp fiction being among his funniest moment)
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