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As a father of two Scouts, I find this extraordinarily disappointing.
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The real way we will see change is if parents start removing their children from Boy Scouts. The biggest issue though is explaining to your children why they are no longer going to Boy Scouts, although I have a feeling that if framed right they will understand. This policy is shortsighted and very unfortunate.
What kind of alternatives are there to Boy Scouts for boys? I'm not sure that Girl Scouts is the best place, as awesome as they are.
Maybe it's time to start an alternative, more liberal organization?
As a father of two young boys, i completely agree with the ban. I don't care about people's sexuality, but i still believe there are venues better left alone without having to expose young kids ....
My son is a very enthusiastic Cub Scout here in the UK, I don't know what the policy is here, but I definitely need to find this out. Bigotry is learned, and having someone excluded from a group is surely going to reaffirm such ideas.
+Mustafa Belgharbi I don't think that allowing gay children into Scouts is "exposing" the straight children to anything inappropriate at all. The activities would be the same as before -- camping, hiking, learning how to get along with people and make cool things. Sexual orientation is part of identity, much like race and gender. If the activities are not centered on race or sexual orientation, then simply having people of different races or sexual orientations present teaches kids about tolerance and humanity, and this seems like a kid-friendly and very positive exposure.
I was in the Boy Scouts—for it year. Horrible experience. My troupe was aggressively unsupportive and exclusionary. It doesn't surprise me they still cling to this. Par for the course.

But at the end of the day it's a private group and they can do what they want. I didn't agree with them the first time. Still don't agree with them now.

Perhaps there should be a merit badge for getting over homophobia.

+Mustafa Belgharbi Explain your "expose" statement. No wait, I'll do it for you. When you kiss a girl does that expose the homosexuals around you to heterosexuality? They're not exposing you to anything, they're just EXISTING, being themselves. You don't like it so you call it EXPOSURE, because you rather not see it. Because you think it's abnormal. But we're all just human beings just living with each other.

C'mon man, learn to co-exist.
+Angela Chien Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am quite protective of my kids and i just want  what i believe is best for them till they grow up.Then it is up to them to plan their lives
+Alain-Christian Seraphin I would suggest attacking anothers belief system under the banner of anti-bigotry is anachronistic. While I don't agree with +Mustafa Belgharbi conclusions as a father I know where he is coming from. From what I understand the Boy Scouts is operating a type of 'Don't ask don't tell' policy, which didn't work so well in the military, and can only add to any latent feelings of 'shame' that a child struggling to come to terms with his/her sexuality  will feel.
+Stuart Laverick Paraphrasing what someone said in an effort to have them clarify their points in an attack now? I don't think you know what you're saying.

And lol @ you trying to sound intelligent with big words! Let me help you: instead of anachronism use contradiction. And then look up anachronism in the dictionary so you don't repeat that mistake in the future. (Get it, future? Hmm, you probably don't; you are the guy who invoked 'anachronism' incorrectly...)

"While I don't agree with +Mustafa Belgharbi conclusions as a father I know where he is coming from."

There may or may not be an important comma or two missing from this. But I'll go on the premise that you're saying his being a father changes anything. I disagree. If I had children I wouldn't raise them to fear gay people. I mean, follow that logic and they should fear straight people too, right? Everybody has genitals.

We trust heterosexual teachers to look after heterosexual kids. Those kids and teachers are sexually compatible, right? So why aren't you afraid of school teachers going on a molesting rampage with our school kids? This boy scouts thing is just as absurd.

So yes, if I had kids I wouldn't be worried about leaving them in the care of homosexuals. Or black people. Or women. This whole crazy fear is just that: crazy. It's be nice of +Mustafa Belgharbi to explain his fear but I don't think he will.

If I had kids I wouldn't make an exception about explaining how some people are straight or gay. I'd at least try to stave off that kind of labeling for as long as possible. I'd explain that that girl like that girl and that guy likes that girl. People like who they like. At least I imagine how forward thinking people in the future define it.

And as far as the Boy Scouts go: private club; they can do whatever they want. My complaint will never be about that. It's stupid but it is what it is, for now. I mean, I'm not allowed in the Klan but you don't see me complaining.
+Alain-Christian Seraphin thanks for the help with my English Grammar. No really, I left school without an English grade and have tried to educate myself since, so all help is appreciated. I now get that I did in fact mean inconsistent more than anything.
I'm not intending to subvert the conversation, but I think you need to examine your tone, it's not always what you say but how you say it.
Yes you are right, the reaon I can see where +Mustafa Belgharbi is coming from as a father is because I worry about every situation that my kids get into (it kind of comes with the territory), and part of being a father is to worry but let your kids do it any way, skinned knees are part of growing up right?
The important focus here is the subliminal (did I get that one right? ;) ) messages given out by the Boy Scouts about the value of someone who may feel themselves to be Gay. Not good for a subset of people who struggle with low self esteem and have a high suicide rate.
"...Thanks for the help with my English Grammar."

Well, I'd say your vocabulary needs a lot more help than your grammar. But yeah if you read that sentence again you'll see it's unclear what you meant by, "As a father." A comma before or after that phrase would've helped.

"...I think you need to examine your tone."

Oh, it's deliberate. It's an important topic and I do get confrontational. It bothers me when people like +Mustafa Belgharbi make wild claims without backing them up. I'd like an explanation is all. Help me understand where you're coming from. If he's unable to explain his POV then he shouldn't have joined the conversation because it adds nothing. No progress is made.

I agree that this sends out a bad message. But, it's out of our hands. That part actually bothers me the least, oddly. It's a private group; they can do what they want. I hope everybody respects that and doesn't petition them or anything. Hopefully they'll see the error of their ways in the future. Probably after some old people in power die.
Hi +Alain-Christian Seraphin we might have a different approach but I think we're both coming from the same place. I'd disagree about the private group, they are a charitable organisation and therefore receive tax breaks (read subsidies) from all of us. I don't know about you but I try to be picky about who I give my money to.
+Stuart Laverick 
"I'd disagree about the private group, they are a charitable organisation and therefore receive tax breaks (read subsidies) from all of us."

Really? Didn't know that. Sounds like a grey area. Maybe they can have their funding taken away at the very least.

" I don't know about you but I try to be picky about who I give my money to."

Yeah? Well try to be a little pickier because your money— and mine —funds a tremendous amount of ridiculous shit. Those pork barrels won't fill themselves! Compared to the rest of it this backwards group is a small fish.

Anyway, I don't think the Boy Scouts should be forced to change. They should change because they want to change.
Interesting read +Dave Taylor , I know in the UK membership of organisations such as Venture Scouts will be looked upon favourably when applying for entry to Sandhurst (our West Point), but I don't think we go so far as to offer automatic promotions. Our problem there is more to do with class and 'the Old School Tie' i.e. which private school you attended.
Glad to see that Scouting as an international movement is LGBT friendly, it seems to be the American branch that has this issue, though I suspect there would be issues in places such as Africa too, with many strong church based anti Gay feelings.
+Rick Klau​ I live in Argentina and I was a Boy Scout here. I think that this is a bad policy about gays. As Baden Powell said about boy scout, the institution should serve to each boy and girl to develop her/his own leadership learning through the game. I think that the Boy Scouts of America should review that policy because they can't discriminate boys and girls for her/his sexual condition. It's something bad. Thanks and my apologies for my English! I 'm learning it!!!! 
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