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Finally got around to setting up HelloFax w/Google Drive! (+HelloFax is a +Google Ventures portfolio company.)
Sign up for HelloFax & Google Drive for a chance to win a MacBook Air & 1 TB of storage
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Nice! Have Google need to check out HelloFax...wish you could receive faxes ( for all those still using the technology) through your Google Voice number!
+Rick Klau What does +Google Ventures do?

the blurb ....

In our previous lives, we founded startups, built products, and invested in companies. Now we focus on finding the most interesting entrepreneurs from a range of sectors and stages and using all of our resources to help them succeed.

doesn't really help
+David Fuchs We're a venture capital firm; our one limited partner is Google, Inc. We will invest about $1 billion over the next five years in startups across a bunch of different sectors, and our sole yardstick for success is financial return (in other words, we aren't trying to invest based on strategic benefit to Google).

I run the Startup Lab at GV, which is one of the ways we try to make the expertise across Google available to the entrepreneurs working at the companies we've invested in. More info here:
I've been using Hellofax for the past month or two signing contracts and faxing documents. It's been great with one exception.

When you send a doc to someone's email address, the subject line is static and reminiscent of old efax spam: "You've received a document via HelloFax".

Would be much nicer even if it just said "Edward Ho sent you a document via HelloFax", or better yet let me customize it.
+Rick Klau Neat stuff. Lots of internet based ventures, minimal hardware and manufacturing. Good to see you are not investing in large scale PV solar or wind farms. Both of those are in for an epic fail in the next 10-15 years or so. 
Thanks, Rick. 

+ Edward Ho - I agree. That option is coming. Stay tuned!

+ Rick Bergami - glad you gave us a go! Please email Joel who does our BD: It's something we're considering. Would be great to hear your thoughts on how you'd implement it. 

+ Bobby Sahijram-Dansingani - integrating with Google Voice would be great. Unfortunately, it's not something we're able to do. 

We love the feedback. Feel free to write anytime. 
Rick, thanks for the lead on a decent FAX program.  Do you have an opinion on whether I need to be concerned about the access given to Google Drive.  
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