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Ha! Want to guess when G+ launched from this screencap of my Klout ranking?
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Haha! The same thing is happening to me and some friends, but not quite at that scale. :P
I have not joined klout lol but yeah my rating is going down but geepers I have alot of adds on Twitter
Stop Tweeting klout score drops...lame algo
They definitely need to incorporate G+.
Like the credit score for financials, I am convinced that someday a numeric score for influence will become pervasive. It offers something compelling for service businesses: when oversubscribed, how to prioritize? Handling regular customers first is sensible, but being able to then select based on the potential the customer can help or hurt the business is pretty compelling.

Its early days, and today's algorithms are a work in progress.
But "influence" is a debatable term, let alone a very difficult definition to arrive at.. ask authors, for example, about their "customers" and their "business" and most of them will look at you in disbelief; but there's no denying their influence, and it's not just on number of volumes sold.
I care what my community thinks, what my friends and family think. My clients love me regardless... ;)
I have found that clients know absolutely nothing. You must dictate to them reality.

If someone told me, "Hey what's your Klout score, if it ain't high than you don't matter to me" I would precede to show them a 20m unique visitor/mo internet property and say, 'This is what matters, not your follows."

Many people think that Facebook and Twitter are the best social experiences. Reality dictates that DISCUSSION around content is what generates buzz.

A pal with a klout score that represents their follows is least likely to impress anyone of worth. Your experience in growing & cultivating a discussion hub for text/video/image is what really matters.

Having 1,000,000 people following you on twitter isn't going to dictate how experienced you are in the social field.

Especially when 19yr old kids are making you look stupid by making 2,500/mo off their pokemon site with less than reputable experience.
Yep, mine is more of a gradual slope than a steep drop, but definitely a noticeable difference since g+ launched. Hopefully I'll never look back.
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