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Mountain View, CA
Acton, MA - Maynard, MA - Naperville, IL - Foster City, CA - Easton, PA - Richmond, VA - Bethel, CT - Danville, CA - Dijon, France
Political junkie. Husband. Partner @ Google Ventures. Father of 3. Not in that order.
I'm a tech entrepreneur who currently works as a partner at Google Ventures, where I run the Startup Lab. I was previously a product manager at Google, where I worked on YouTube (homepage, social strategy, accounts), Google+ (Google Profiles) and Blogger (monetization, platform, partnerships), and before that I ran the publisher services team at FeedBurner prior to the acquisition by Google.

For a whole lot more detail than you were looking for, I suggest you swing by my CV.
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Barack Obama hung out at my house once.
  • University of Richmond
    JD, Law, 1993 - 1996
  • Lafayette College
    AB, International Affairs & French, 1989 - 1993
  • L'Université de Bourgogne
    Baccalauréat, 1991 - 1991
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October 26
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Great helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. So glad we did this.
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I just went on a helicopter ride with them in March, it was fantastic!  We actually got married down inside of the Grand Canyon along the Colorado River!!
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Rick Klau

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I'll be in an Uber car in a couple hours, hearing pitches from a few entrepreneurs. Can't wait to see who I meet!
Think you have the next big idea? Uber will send an investor to your door as part of its latest marketing tactic.
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If someone wants money for a rent-free live/work housing collective, tell them you already have $3B invested in one.
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Rick Klau

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Rick Klau

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Really great night at the US-Ireland Alliance's annual Oscar Wilde pre-Oscars party at Bad Robot last night. Congrats to +Chad Hurley  on winning one of the two awards! (Here's Conan O'Brien receiving his, starting off with how great it was to win an award honoring the Irish in film when he's never actually been in a film.)

Great night. And keep an eye on The Strypes, a group of 18-19 year-olds from Cavan, Ireland. They played a blistering set, and are destined for big, big things. Wow were they good.
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Looks like you two had a great evening! 
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Rick Klau

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Could not happen to a nicer, more awesome guy. +Daniel Suarez is getting his due, and it's so great to see. Pre-orders at Amazon have him in the top 10 for sci-fi already, I predict a big hit! /via +Joseph Smarr 
The Wall Street Journal got me thinking...

I was happy to see the WSJ's profile on me in Friday's Feb 7th print edition. When I think back on all the obstacles overcome to get to this point in my  career, I'm filled with gratitude to my readers -- especially to a core group of early supporters who breathed life into my books and made the impossible possible. Thank you!  I will strive to always be worthy of your support.  #ThankYou  
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+Michael Goodness  For me, 3 or 4 "mistakes" like this one are enough to ruin even the greatests books or movies. I value my time and money, so I prefer not to invest them where the risk of disappointment is very real. Consider this foolish if you want.
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Have him in circles
63,557 people
Moonrise at sunset at Mather Point at the Grand Canyon. Will be back in 5 hours for the lunar eclipse!
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Rick Klau

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Last summer we saw a phenomenal band, The Kin, perform at a Wente Vineyards festival. The two singers are brothers from New Zealand, and the drummer, Shakerleg, plays the drums barehanded. We were instantly hooked, and not all that surprised when we found out they were tapped to open for Pink on her Australian and US tours. Unfortunately we were traveling each time they passed through SF, so we didn't get a chance to see them again.

Found out they were coming to Sacramento, headlining their own tour. And because we're on their fan mailing list, got a chance to buy VIP tickets to the show - which included a private acoustic set on their tour bus before the concert with 7 other people. In the album is a clip of them on the tour bus (Shakerleg on clipboard/keyring percussion), couple shots on stage - including Isaac rocking the didgeridoo! - and a clip of them when they took to the club floor to play a few songs.

(The 10 year-old in the tour bus video is named Gibson. His parents brought him to his first rock concert last night. He's ruined for life: it doesn't get much better than a private set with the band on their tour bus.)

More on The Kin here: See them if they come near you, you won't be disappointed.
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Rick Klau

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Damn, Amazon! Ordered this album from on Friday night. It arrived this afternoon in California. Cost £3 to ship.

I don't know how they do it, I just know that they're very, very, very good at it.
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Rick Klau

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Good. Wouldn't want you to lose your Internet Memes merit badge. 
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Rick Klau

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This is huge! I read Influx last fall (thanks again +Daniel Suarez!) and it's clear that the studio sees big potential here. I won't reveal any spoilers, but here's a few thoughts on what stuck with me from the book:

Though Influx appears to be set a bit more in the future than his prior books, it's a different theme entirely that really resonated for me. From a very novel point of view, Dan asks us to contemplate what happens when government shifts from providing for the common defense and moves to protecting society from itself.

If this sounds timely to you, it did to me too. How does he do that?! I know he was working on this well before last year's Snowden revelations, but the undercurrent to the book is downright unnerving. Even more unsettling, Dan makes it clear how this happens: how some well-meaning public servants start to believe that left to its own devices, society is doomed. That we can't be allowed to know just how bad things are – that we just need to trust them to protect us, no matter the cost.

There's plenty of sci-fi thriller fodder in the book too. In particular, I can't wait to see how they translate one of the book's central inventions to the big screen, but I'll let you figure out which one I'm referring to once the book comes out!

This has big potential to be a landmark sci-fi thriller. Fun to watch, exciting to experience, and with plenty to make us think hard about what's most important to us. Can. Not. Wait.

(Full disclosure: very fortunate to call Dan and his wife Michelle friends of mine.)
Influx Film Rights Acquired by 20th Century Fox in Major Preempt Deal

I'm very pleased to announce that the film rights to my upcoming sci-fi thriller, Influx, have been picked up by 20th Century Fox in a direct studio deal. Thanks to Jason Young and Chris Goldberg at Fox -- I'm excited to be working with you both. And thanks also to Josie Freedman, my agent at ICM Partners, for bringing everyone together.

And for my readers who are still waiting on a film or TV adaptation of Daemon & Freedom™ -- do not despair! This deal only increases the likelihood for a green light on that front, too. :)

#INFLUX   #filmdeal   #scifi    #thriller   #movie      
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I absolutely loved the Deamon series.  Can't wait to read this new book!!!
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This is no time to get stuck in a rut. Samuel L. Jackson says, 展ake the f**k up!

Should have checked Yelp before we showed up here. We bought a new 29' travel trailer, and we had great interactions with Jake (Dublin) and Caroline (Livermore) by phone. Signed the contract on Sunday afternoon and brought the trailer in on Monday morning. The aisles between the parking spaces are exceedingly narrow, have nearly zero clearance when turning at the end of each aisle, several vehicles (trailers, boats) extend over their allotted space making it that much more difficult to safely navigate through the parking lot, and the 35' spots are actually quite a bit shorter since they are diagonally oriented but they measure from stripe to stripe. (Said another way: a 35' trailer parked in a 35' slot would extend at least 3-4' beyond the stripe.) Now I'll freely admit that we are new to trailers (though we've driven RVs for years), so we are not the most experienced when it comes to parking a trailer in tight spaces. But the layout of the lot, and the tight turning radius at the end of each aisle, made it harrowing (to say the least) to navigate in the lot, and we decided that we would not be able to reliably park here, navigate around the existing vehicles in the lot, and keep our vehicle and those in the lot safe. Given that this was less than 24 hours after signing the contract, I requested our money back (less the administrative fee), and the owner refused, blamed me for not knowing how to park, and made it very clear that I'd be out January's pro-rated rent and all of February (nevermind that the total time we spent in the facility was less than one hour). Given this exceptionally short-sighted approach to customer service, I can't recommend this business at all.
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Spectacular way to see Death Valley! Drove 200 miles in our rented Jeep - including Titus Canyon and Aguereberry Point, both of which are highly recommended. Can't wait to come back and see more.
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From the sales to service, everything about this dealership has been top-notch. Extremely friendly, knowledgeable staff. Couldn't be happier to be a customer.
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