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Rick Klau

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Talking to a colleague at Google earlier this week, who shared that she'd recently read about the fact that in its original incarnation, the word priority did not have a plural .

Sure enough, the Ngram Viewer would appear to back that up.
Google Ngram Viewer: '[priority]', '[priorities]', 1800-2000 in English.
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Who knew. ;)
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Rick Klau

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Listening to Santana on vinyl tonight. New pre-amp comes tomorrow, excited for the upgrade.
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Rick Klau

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Going through photos from this year, this #AutoAwesome  picture of our trip to the Grand Tetons is still one of my favorites.
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post card perfect. If your fam likes the mountains, you should check out Asheville, NC. It's really gorgeous, but a different type of mountain look. 
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Rick Klau

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It's not the thing you fling, it's the fling itself.

For my money, one of the best scenes on television in the last 30 years.
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And one of the most original scenes. If you play up to an audience instead of down, you get an audience capable of appreciating a scene like this.
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Rick Klau

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It infuriates me to see example, after example, after example, demonstrating that sexism is indeed alive and well. Even worse are the guys who claim that tech is a pure meritocracy, so if there aren't more women at the highest ranks – leading companies, starting companies, running teams – it must be a coincidence. Couldn't possibly be because of shit like this.

Glad that +Julia Ferraioli shared this, but appalled that (a) it happened and (b) she had to put up with this. Guys, get your shit together. 
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The useful side effect is that I now have a quick way to bootstrap most technical men into understanding why they should pay attention to what I'm saying.
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The Univision stream of the Spain vs. Chile World Cup match kept coming back to this guy. Priceless.
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Rick Klau

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Have you joined Jet yet? Very interesting take on online shopping. Sign up now to get early access!

(More on Jet's approach via Re/code:
Email issue. API Type. Endpoint. Method. Request Headers. Request Body. Response Code. Response Headers. Response Body.
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Rick Klau

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Last moonrise of 2014, over Half Dome. Happy New Year, everyone!
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Happy New Year Rick!
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Rick Klau

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Most people here already know that G+ does a great job with photos; I just wrote up my latest attempt to centralize all of my family's photos in one place. I'm quite happy with the end result: 75,000 images (50 years worth!) – instantly accessible by phone, computer, and TV. With #AutoAwesome , Stories, and search integration too.
A couple years ago, I wrote about my first serious attempt to organize my family’s digital photos. Then I remembered the…
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Very nice, I've started doing this myself.
Do you have a particular naming structure? This is the only problem I'm having: Suppose I have a photo of Bill and Ben at the beach, what do I name it? "Bill and Ben at the beach.jpg"? "1.jpg" with a "1.txt" describing it?
I'm leaning towards the latter as it expands better.
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Rick Klau

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It's things like this that make me amazed that we share an employer.

Congrats +Alan Eustace, this is astounding.
A helium-filled balloon lifted Mr. Eustace to 135,908 feet. Fifteen minutes after he cut himself loose using a small explosive device, he was on the ground.
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I love what #AutoAwesome  did to this picture I took at Grand Teton National Park this summer. 
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rerry nce its..god

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Happy to help, +Futurebooks team! Noone is more surprised than I am that the OKR video I did a while back is approaching 150k views. Really gratifying to hear from teams who've started using OKRs to set and manage their goals. 

Startup Lab workshop: How Google sets goals: OKRs
We're learning from +Rick Klau,  +Google Ventures, to set up OKRs. Internal training at Futurebooks.
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Political junkie. Husband. Partner @ Google Ventures. Father of 3. Not in that order.
I'm a tech entrepreneur who currently works as a partner at Google Ventures, where I run the Startup Lab. I was previously a product manager at Google, where I worked on YouTube (homepage, social strategy, accounts), Google+ (Google Profiles) and Blogger (monetization, platform, partnerships), and before that I ran the publisher services team at FeedBurner prior to the acquisition by Google.

For a whole lot more detail than you were looking for, I suggest you swing by my CV.
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Should have checked Yelp before we showed up here. We bought a new 29' travel trailer, and we had great interactions with Jake (Dublin) and Caroline (Livermore) by phone. Signed the contract on Sunday afternoon and brought the trailer in on Monday morning. The aisles between the parking spaces are exceedingly narrow, have nearly zero clearance when turning at the end of each aisle, several vehicles (trailers, boats) extend over their allotted space making it that much more difficult to safely navigate through the parking lot, and the 35' spots are actually quite a bit shorter since they are diagonally oriented but they measure from stripe to stripe. (Said another way: a 35' trailer parked in a 35' slot would extend at least 3-4' beyond the stripe.) Now I'll freely admit that we are new to trailers (though we've driven RVs for years), so we are not the most experienced when it comes to parking a trailer in tight spaces. But the layout of the lot, and the tight turning radius at the end of each aisle, made it harrowing (to say the least) to navigate in the lot, and we decided that we would not be able to reliably park here, navigate around the existing vehicles in the lot, and keep our vehicle and those in the lot safe. Given that this was less than 24 hours after signing the contract, I requested our money back (less the administrative fee), and the owner refused, blamed me for not knowing how to park, and made it very clear that I'd be out January's pro-rated rent and all of February (nevermind that the total time we spent in the facility was less than one hour). Given this exceptionally short-sighted approach to customer service, I can't recommend this business at all.
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Spectacular way to see Death Valley! Drove 200 miles in our rented Jeep - including Titus Canyon and Aguereberry Point, both of which are highly recommended. Can't wait to come back and see more.
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From the sales to service, everything about this dealership has been top-notch. Extremely friendly, knowledgeable staff. Couldn't be happier to be a customer.
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