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Rick Hutchinson
Tech advocate & Zendesk whizz. Director at
Tech advocate & Zendesk whizz. Director at

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Today’s update to Chrome for #Android brings a favorite desktop feature to mobile, with the ability to reopen a recently closed tab. Just tap the “undo close tab” button that appears at the bottom of your screen. No more stress when you accidentally close a tab! 

To get this feature and more, download the latest update available starting today from the Play Store at

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This Tuesday, +Michael Smith talks about the PM, flooding, and 0845 numbers, and how to better service customers.

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So who's making use of the new page? Better or worse? I'm going for a blend of both, setting my homepage to chrome://apps/ for ease of access, and using the newtab page to give me access to frequently used sites.  Still searching with the omnibox though!
Speed is one of the core tenets of Chrome, and starting today, we’re rolling out a feature that can make searching faster and simpler with a streamlined New Tab page. If you use Google as your default search engine, the next time you open a new tab in Chrome the search bar will be front and center, allowing you to search right away. You’ll also be able to check out current Google Doodles. This feature is built on open APIs so any search engine can create their own ‘new tab’ page in Chrome. Let us know what you think.

Check out this Chromium blog post for more info:

+Xero Accounting Software  users: Here's how to set up a paperless, online Direct Debit facility in the UK for just £99 per annum!
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