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Has Amazon fixed this critical security bug in Amazon Linux?
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It is critical. Even after patching you can still be vulnerable:
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+Neutron Drive +Paul Bailey Neutron Drive has stopped working for me this morning (11am PDT).

It is asking for a new permission (to "Have offline access"), and it is doing so in an endless loop.  Whenever I accept granting the new permission it asks for the permission again and again.  I cannot get into the editor.

Any ideas?  I depend on Neutron Drive for my daily work.

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Just got a notification of Google App Engine issues.  There is the culprit.  Hopefully it gets fixed but don't be surprised if there are more problems.
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+Nicolas Laplante +Nick McCready I'm currently working on a port of angular-google-maps to change the native datatypes to GeoJSON (  It's currently a work in progress based on the develop branch.

The main reason for doing so is to use a standard geographic data structure to enhance compatibility & rapid integration with other systems & software. I.e. MongoDB.

Using GeoJSON makes it very easy to quickly & efficiently dump the results of a MongoDB geographic query into angular-google-maps.(

I'm wondering if you have any interest in finding a way to work together to support GeoJSON directly in angular-google-maps?
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Cool, also we could use a pull to the website documents as well.
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Rick Huizinga

commented on a video on YouTube.
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hard to argue with that; should be a great game and hopefully they have the weather for it as well!
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Did Amazon reveal details on the new R3 instance types at AWS Summit San Francisco today?

All that I've heard is that memory will go up to 244GB and the instances will be SSD-based.
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+Rick Huizinga not that i had seen. Basically, AWS made an attempt at price reduction. They could not top google cloud storage pricing.
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Can an m1.medium instance reservation be transfered to the current generation m3.medium instance type? #aws #ec2
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I'm pretty sure you have to stay within the same family (m1) when changing reservations, and you'll have to get a new reservation for the m3 family. 
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Rick Huizinga

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WIRED has published a startlingly simple and innocent and tragic theory for what happened to the Malaysian Airways jetliner.  Far more logical and compelling than any other theory, among the lurid and flamboyant ones we see in the press.
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Rick Huizinga

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I hate to see that F1 is back to the boring one stop races. The race was little more than a procession.
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This was a first for every team, they were just cautious. As they go along they will be more adventurous I'm sure.
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Downtown Bellevue, WA lit up in Seahawks colors during this year's playoff run.
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Looks like there is currently an issue with Google AppEngine that is causing errors with Neutron Beam.  I'm experiencing failed reads and write.
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If you go into your Beam servers you can switch to direct till this gets resolved.  You'll get an SSL error but it should work.
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