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Rick Harding
Techie, Python Web Dev, Occassional woodworker
Techie, Python Web Dev, Occassional woodworker

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+JoDee B guess where we spent the starry sky ever! and not a bad place to watch a sunset either. 

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Finally! You get a Juju GUI and you get a Juju GUI!

The only thing is now that the Juju GUI is part of the out of the box Juju experience we'll have to crown a new charm as the most popular charm of all the land.

Congrats team and to the road the GUI has taken from an accessory to an integral part of Juju.

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Great post from showing off one of the improvements we made to Juju 2.0 that I'm really proud of. It's great when you get a chance to reinvent things to work so much better for users.

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Congrats to the team on the new release. It's always good to see speed improvements and it's also great because this release is one of the first updates to the streams work that enables Juju to bootstrap with the GUI out of the box.

The team is eagerly putting together the Juju 2.0 beta4 release which will be the first with the full end to end working

juju bootstrap && juju gui

Which will get you this awesome 2.1.2 release.

#juju #juju-gui #juju-2.0

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I watched this live with my family and it is one of the most awesome and inspiring bits of engineering I've ever witnessed. Hats off to the folks that put all those moving parts together and made that landing happen.

Oooh, I think I see something awesome being landed...

$ juju bootstrap aws aws
Creating Juju controller "" on aws/us-east-1
Bootstrapping model "admin"
Preparing for Juju GUI 2.1.1 release installation
Waiting for address

#herecomes2.0 #juju #juju-gui

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I can't wait to get a hold of +Dustin Kirkland and see if this means Windows developers can work on OpenStack deployed with LXD on their desktops.

If juju deploy openstack-base works for them in LXD with Juju 2.0...that'll be amazing!

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I just used the new add-credential command in the new Juju beta3 release and DAMN! This is awesome. Great job team!

Check out all the great new stuff in beta3. Next up, rc1, I can't wait to get this out to everyone.

New stuff:

* juju status now shows provisioning feedback as machines are allocated in
MAAS and other clouds and containers
* New interactive add-credential command
* New support for Keystone 3 identity provider in Openstack
* New automatic creation of hosted model on bootstrap
* New juju create-model experience
* juju set-default-credential / region now support in built clouds
* New local resources
* New Openstack machines can be provisioned based on virtualisation type
(kvm, lxd)
* Charms can declare minimum Juju version

#juju #beta #juju2.0

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Another fun Juju Office Hours. Marco really showed off the new charm development tools which are really going to change the way charmers work. Exciting stuff!

#juju #charms

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Watch me chat for an hour on the exciting things the folks I work with in Juju land are doing for 2.0. Some great questions and it was a ton of fun hanging out at #cfgmgmtcamp

#juju #canonical
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